Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream Sundaes with M&M's® Crispy

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For my anniversary this year, I received a ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid mixer... the gift that keeps on giving, right? Anytime we want to make something special for dessert, we pull out this gadget. So far it has not disappointed. One of our very favorite recipes to make is Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream. Made with simple ingredients, it is so creamy and rich, truly a decadent treat! And don't forget the yummy toppings... hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles, nuts, fruit and candies like M&M's® Crispy.

Creamy Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream makes the ideal start to delicious sundaes!

So far, I've only made ice cream recipes that you have to cook first, and that's what I'll be sharing with you today. It's not a fast recipe, but it is so very worth it! The rich and creamy texture combined with just the right amount of sweetness will send your tastebuds into orbit!

As much as we love the ice cream, the real star is what you top it with. When I was at CVS recently picking up a few items, I couldn't help but notice one of the end caps near the seasonal candy filled with different varieties of M&M's®. When I saw the M&M's® Crispy, I knew I had to get some. I remember when they first came out in the late 1990's... and then they went away. But, now they're back by popular demand! Yellow even made a video for their fans to announce their return!

M&M's® Crispy are the perfect treat to top off ice cream sundaes!

Let me just say, they make the best ice cream topping... delicious milk chocolate with a crispy rice center. Crunchy, sweet, and colorful... everything you need to make a simple bowl of ice cream into something special. If you want to try them for yourself, you can get a $1 off coupon to use at CVS here.

Here's what you need to make the ice cream and some optional toppings: half-and-half, egg yolks, sugar, heavy whipping cream, vanilla and salt.

Creamy Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream makes the ideal start to delicious sundaes!

Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream Sundaes
(yields about 8 cups)

2 1/2 cups half-and-half
8 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
2 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
4 tsp. vanilla
1/8 tsp. salt
Toppings of choice (hot fudge, nuts, sprinkles, candies, chopped fruit)

In medium sauce pan, heat half-and-half on medium until very hot but not boiling, stirring often. Remove from heat and set aside.

Place egg yolks and sugar in mixing bowl of stand mixer. Using wire whip attachment, mix for about 30 seconds on speed 2 until slightly thickened. Continue on speed 2 and very gradually pour in half-and-half; mix until well-blended. Return this mixture to saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is steamy and small bubbles appear around the edges. (Do not boil.) Transfer the mixture to large bowl; stir in heavy whipping cream, vanilla and salt. Cover and chill completely, several hours to overnight.

Remove from refrigerator and process according to your ice cream maker's instructions. Pour into an airtight container and freeze for a few hours to achieve a scoopable consistency. Scoop into serving dishes and top with favorite toppings.

Creamy Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream makes the ideal start to delicious sundaes!

There's no right or wrong way to do this... just set out the toppings and let the sundae frenzy begin!  Hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles, fruit, nuts, or your favorite candies... the sky's the limit!

In anticipation for my son's first baseball tournament of the Spring, I went ahead and set the freezer bowl in the freezer to get it ready. (In case you don't have an ice cream maker and were wondering what the stand mixer attachments look like, here's mine ready to be filled.) I also made up the ice cream mixture to chill so it would be ready for after the games. Call me crazy, but I just seemed to know something exciting would be happening this weekend and we would need to celebrate.

Turns out I was right. If you follow my Instagram feed, you may have seen that my boy got his very first out-of-the-park home run. It turned into a 3 run homer. He wasn't the only one of his teammates to do that in the game. Three others managed to put it over the fence too. It was a team record for sure. This was definitely cause for celebrating.

My kiddos were so excited to try the M&M's® Crispy on their ice cream. They loved them just as much as I did when they first came out all those years ago. I'm so glad they're back in stores! These crunchy candies certainly raised the bar on sundae decorating... I'm thinking I may need to stock my Sports Mom's Survival Bag with a couple of small packages of these too. You know, just in case we're stranded at the ballpark for several hours one weekend. It could happen.

Creamy Homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream makes the ideal start to delicious sundaes!

So, this was my bowl... I used a little bit of all the toppings and even took the spoon from the hot fudge (just to cut down on dishes, of course). Have you ever made homemade ice cream? What are your favorite ice cream sundae toppings?
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Food for the Soul ~ Psalm 40:16

Wishing you a beautiful Palm Sunday, as we look forward to this week of remembering the tremendous opportunity of eternal life we were given at the Cross. Jesus paid our debt in full.  So grateful that we serve a mighty God! May our hearts rejoice and be glad! 

Have a wonderful week!
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Creative Ways Link Party #46 and Features

Happy Hump Day! That's right... it's my favorite day of the week! I get to share it with all of you here at the Creative Ways Link Party! So glad you've stopped by to join us. I can't wait to see what you've been up to.

Here's what you may have missed here at Posed Perfection since the last party...

Okay, are you ready to see the features? Again, you all blew my socks off! It really is hard choosing which posts to highlight each week. But, I gave it my best shot. Without further ado...

This DIY Stencil Letter Quote by BrePurposed couldn't be easier to pull off... at least that's how she makes it seem. Love this saying!

To Simply Inspire brought this delicious Barbacoa Recipe to the party. Sounds like she's giving Chipotle a run for their money!

Garden Up green made this adorable DIY Garden Cap to protect her face from the harsh sun while also looking rather cute. I want one to wear to all the soccer and baseball games we'll be having!

These Artichoke Butter in Phyllo Cups by Olla-Podrida would make the perfect spring appetizer at you next gathering. Light and delicious! 

Ana Love Craft made these beautiful little Fabric Butterflies. I'd love to make a spring garland with an group of these pretty things.

Pink Recipe Box showed us How to Ripen an Avocado Fast. I will be using this little trick, as I am forever waiting for mine to be ready to use. Then, I end up forgetting about them until they are over-ripe. I just learned this week that you can put ripe avocados in the fridge to keep longer. Who knew?

Sweet Katie of Fun Home Things shared her Spring Porch Reveal. Love this cheery, inviting space! Couldn't you just rock away an afternoon here?

Last, but not least, All She Cooks brought this delicious Cookie Berry Torte to the party. Isn't it gorgeous? Almost too pretty to eat, but I bet I could get over that feeling real quick!

If you missed these wonderful posts, be sure to click through their links to check them out! 

To see some of the past features, check out my Creative Ways Link Party Features Board on Pinterest. I'm hoping that will bring your posts even more exposure! I hope you'll follow along! 

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    Bunnies and Eggs Easter Mantel

    Hi Friends! So happy to see you here today! Are you enjoying some spring weather right now, or digging out from yet another deep snow? While our winter wasn't a particularly bad one, the gray clouds and gloomy weather certainly seemed to squelch my spring decorating mojo. Isn't it amazing what lighting can do to our moods? Anyway, I've been working on this Bunnies and Eggs Easter Mantel for a few weeks now, putting things up and taking them down. When the sun came out on Sunday afternoon, I figured I better seize the moment to take some pictures and be satisfied with how this year's Easter mantel turned out. After all, Easter is just a couple of weeks away!

    Bunnies and Easter eggs come together in this sweet Easter Mantel.

    For this mantel, I brought out some of my favorite Easter decorations. Some I've had for ages; others are new creations or sweet hand-me-downs from my mom.

    Bunnies and Easter eggs come together in this sweet Easter Mantel.

    I love this new-to-me "happy easter" bunting. The cheery colors just shout, "Springtime is here!" My mom tucked it into a bag of goodies she gave to me when we were there for a visit recently.

    Bunnies and Easter eggs come together in this sweet Easter Mantel.

    This sweet embroidered bunny has been in my collection for a long time. I try to find a special place for her every year... this year she made the mantel! I've also always loved this little bunny candle holder. (I might need to find a new egg-shaped candle soon... this one has seen better days.)

    Bunnies and Easter eggs come together in this sweet Easter Mantel.

    These two bunnies sit next to a white tree that's been used for just about every holiday over the last 10 or so years. At Christmas it holds our Jesse Tree ornaments, then for Valentine's Day, it gets adorned with shiny red hearts. Years ago I found these sweet little wooden Easter ornaments and the sparkly eggs.

    Bunnies and Easter eggs come together in this sweet Easter Mantel.

    On the other side, you'll see I placed my Pom-Pom Bunny Tail Picture with a little bird finial and a sweet nest I picked up last year and one of my favorite little decor shops. I added in some sparkly eggs and ribbon to give it a little more color.

    Bunnies and Easter eggs come together in this sweet Easter Mantel.

    Here it is all pulled together from the front. Uh-oh... I spy some tiles that need to be cleaned up after all the fires in the fireplace this winter. Add that to my growing list of spring cleaning to-dos. Now that I'm looking at this head-on, I wonder if I should paint my round clock to lighten things up a bit... what do you think?

    Thanks for stopping by! I love it when you visit! Have a wonderful week!

    Before you go, here's a little more Spring Inspiration for you!

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    Food for the Soul ~ Matthew 4:19-20

    I hope your first weekend of Spring has been a good one. I do love this season of renewal and rebirth. It's always a good time to reflect on how I'm doing in my obedience to the Lord. Am I joyfully following His calling on my life in the daily tasks? Or could I stand to improve? 

    I've come to realize that I want to be more like Simon and Andrew who "immediately left their nets and followed Him." I often spend too much time thinking about how to love on and serve others, rather than doing. Am I the only one that has let opportunities pass me by? Do you know of someone who is struggling and you know you need to do something? Perhaps you should reach out to see how you could pray for them , write them a note of encouragement, or bless them with a meal.

    When the Lord brings these opportunities to us and nudges our hearts to action, our response should be immediate. We often strive for "first time obedience" with our children, but don't respond with it to the Lord when faced with things out of our comfort zone or at "inconvenient" times in our schedules.

    Although Simon and Peter were leaving behind their livelihood and perhaps disappointing others, they didn't waver in their obedience to the Lord.  I pray that we would all live in such a way that we follow Him when He calls.

    I love the chorus of Chris Tomlin's song, I Will Follow. These lyrics are such a great reminder of how we should live this life we've been given.

    Where you go, I'll go
    Where you stay, I'll stay
    When you move, I'll move
    I will follow you

    Who you love, I'll love
    How you serve, I'll serve
    If this life I lose, I will follow you
    I will follow you

    Wishing you a beautiful week, dear friends. My heart is blessed knowing that you came for a visit!
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