Baked Ravioli "Lasagna"

Love the flavor of lasagna, but hate all the prep work that goes into making it? Me too. It recently occurred to me that I could substitute ravioli for a couple of key ingredients in lasagna, and I could be  the dinner hero in my house with about half the time and trouble of making the real deal. This Baked Ravioli "Lasagna" has revolutionized this Italian dish in our house, and I bet it will in yours too. 

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna" is going to revolutionize dinner! Just 5 ingredients is all you need!

For starters, you don't need to fuss with boiling the big, floppy noodles and risking tearing them as you arrange them in the pan. The next bonus is not needing the extra ricotta cheese/egg mixture... it's already inside the ravioli! With Baked Ravioli "Lasagna" you'll get all the flavor of the classic Italian dish, with half the effort and only 5, yes 5, ingredients. That's a win in my book!

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna" is going to revolutionize dinner! Just 5 ingredients is all you need!

Here's what you need: 1 lb. ground beef (or beef/Italian sausage mixture), ravioli, favorite marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese.  

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna" - browning ground beef

Preheat oven to 350 and coat a baking dish with cooking spray. Cook up the ground beef for about 5 minutes, until browned. Drain fat. Remove from heat and add in 1 cup of marinara sauce. Set aside.

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna" - Boiling ravioli

While your beef is browning, cook the ravioli in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Drain and return to pot. Stir in the remaining marinara sauce.

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna - first layer is ravioli with marinara.

Pour half of the ravioli into the prepared baking dish, lining the bottom. 

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna - second layer with ground beef and marinara sauce.

Next, spread the meat mixture over the ravioli evenly.

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna - layer of cheese.

Sprinkle with 3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese.

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna - rest of ravioli and marinara.

Add the rest of the ravioli to the pan, covering the meat mixture. Top with remaining mozzarella cheese.

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna - sprinkledwith Parmesan cheese and bake for 20 minutes

Sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over the top and place in oven. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Then turn the oven to broil and broil for about 2 minutes. Be careful... it will burn easily!

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna" is going to revolutionize dinner! Just 5 ingredients is all you need!

Baked Ravioli "Lasagna"
(makes 6-8 servings)

1 lb. lean ground beef 
1 jar (24 oz.) favorite marinara sauce
Refrigerated cheese ravioli (28-30 oz. worth)
1 (8 oz.) bag shredded mozzarella cheese
2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray cooking oil in 2-qt. baking dish. Fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil. Meanwhile, in a large non-stick skillet, crumble ground beef and cook for about 5 minutes, or until browned. Remove from heat and stir in 1 cup of marinara sauce. Set aside. Once water is boiling, add in ravioli and cook for approximately 5 minutes. Drain and return to pot; stir in the remaining marinara sauce. Layer 1/2 of the ravioli in the prepared baking dish. Top with the meat sauce. Sprinkle 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese over all. Spoon remaining ravioli over the top and sprinkle with the rest of the mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Turn oven up to broil and cook for about 2 minutes. Watch carefully so it doesn't burn. Serve with crusty bread and tossed green salad.

What I love about this recipe is that it is so easily adapted to your tastes. You can make a vegetarian version by substituting spinach and other vegetables for the meat. Use ground turkey instead of beef or use all Italian sausage. Want to add in some fresh chopped basil? Go for it! The extra time you'll save with this recipe will allow you to experiment to find the best possible combination of ingredients for you and your family.

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Recipe Roundup Contributor ~ Tortellini, Spinach and Tomato Soup

Happy Monday, Friends! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Ours was fairly busy. My daughter played in her winter piano recital on Saturday. That afternoon it was all hands on deck to get the house cleaned up and in tip-top shape. Who am I kidding? It was picked up, presentable and sanitary, but not by any means perfect. That's just how we roll.  Why the big cleanup? We were scheduled to have our small group over on Sunday night for a potluck dinner. Everything worked out fine. Even though we were missing 3 of the 8 families, it was a sweet time of fellowship. I found out that I'm not the only one who has insecurity issues with having people over... something I'm attempting to conquer this year by inviting friends over at least once a month... baby steps. One bonus of having company... I have a clean house to start the week off right! Yay!

I wanted to let you know that I'm sharing one of our favorite cold-weather recipes, Tortellini, Spinach and Tomato Soup,  over at Whatever Dee Dee Wants She's Gonna Get It  today as part of her Recipe Roundup.

All week long, she'll be having contributors share their favorite soup recipes. If you're a soup-lover, you do not want to miss it. Stop by and say hi!
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Food for the Soul ~ Isaiah 40:8

How often do we chase after the latest fad? Whether it's clothing, interior design, or the diet and beauty gurus... trends come and go. For those of us in the blogging world, the social media outlets tend to be the most fickle, don't they? Whatever method is working for Queen Blogsalot may work for awhile for you too. But before long, algorithms will change. You'll be chasing after the ever elusive magic bullet again. Much like the flowers of the field, whatever is in vogue now will surely be withered up and dried out soon. 

Whatever shifting seasons and in-between fads you find yourself in the middle of, know this... God's Word stands forever. His promises endure through generations and His statutes are a firm foundation that cannot be shaken. His faithfulness is never-ending and His love is limitless. When He says you are forgiven, He does not change His mind. How refreshing is that in this world of endless crazes and fickleness? There is One you can always count on! May your week be full of beauty and grace!
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Creative Ways Link Party # 37 and Features

Hey Friends! Happy Wednesday! I'm beyond thrilled to see you here today. I'm looking forward to what you'll be sharing here at the Creative Ways Link Party. Your posts are all so inspiring to me. Keep up the good work.

I've been plowing through old posts, trying to update some of the pictures... and doing other behind-the-scenes blog stuff. But, I was able to pull off a couple of posts this week... Here they are in case you missed them the first time ;-)

Okay... let's see which posts made my heart skip a beat from last week's party...

These Chicken Fajita Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by I Thee Cook look amazing, don't they? Such a great flavor combination going on here!

I love the message written on this DIY Valentine Glitter Canvas by Her Organized Chaos. I think this craft may be in our near future!

I've never had zoodles before, but I'm a nut for anything with pine nuts. I'm going to have to give Pesto Zoodles with Pine Nuts by My Life Cookbook a try. 

I loved how Diana Rambles is teaching her Girl Scout troop how to knit for a purpose with this Easy Hat Knitting on a Loom post. 

Mmmmm. So simple and so decadent. My kiddos beg for these every Valentine's Day. You'll want to check out these Nutella Crescent Rolls by Luv a Bargain. 

The Painted Hinge has come up with another winning project! This Victorian Shabby Chic Valentine's Day Mobile is just a celebration of all things lovely!

Speaking of celebrations... I'd love to be one of the taste testers at The Crafting Foodie's house. Who needs a special occasion? This Vanilla Strawberry Celebration Cake could be an everyday staple around here ;-)

Well, that about covers it from last week. So many great posts to choose from!

If you missed these wonderful posts, be sure to click through their links to check them out! 

To see some of the past features, check out my Creative Ways Link Party Features Board on Pinterest. I'm hoping that will bring your posts even more exposure! I hope you'll follow along! 

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    How to Make a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

    Pom-poms. I just love them. From the aisles at the craft store that are filled with them to making my own, I can't get enough of them. I recall seeing many beautiful homemade pom-pom wreaths over the holidays, but very seldom have I seen one for Valentine's Day. So, I thought I'd remedy that with this Pom-Pom Heart Wreath.

    How to Make a Pom-Pom Heart Making a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath is such a simple sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day!Wreath

    It all started just after Christmas when my daughter and I went to Hobby Lobby to redeem her gift card. We happened by the clearance rack and saw a pile of pom-pom maker kits marked down like 90%. Now, if I would have been on top of my game, I would have snatched up every last one of them for all the tween crafters in our lives that will need birthday presents this year. But, alas, I was not thinking and we left the store with only one. Fortunately, that "one" was all we needed to get started on making pom-pom crafts. The yarn that came with the kit, while adorable in color, does not produce very good pom-poms. We found ourselves going back to HL to pick some different yarn for this project. The red and white Crafter's Secret yarn ended up being just perfect for this craft.

    How to Make a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath Supplies

    So, here is what you'll need to make your very own Pom-Pom-Heart Wreath: yarn in a couple of colors (we actually ended up adding in a light pink too), pom-pom maker, glue gun and heart-shaped cardboard form. For this, I simply drew a heart on construction paper, transferred it to a piece of cardboard, and cut it out.

    How to Make a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

    You'll want to make up a bunch of large pom-poms. Our finished project has 16 large pom-poms (8 red, 8 white) and then we filled in with 8 more smaller light pink pom-poms.

    How to Make a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

    Simply glue pom-poms onto cardboard form spacing out accordingly.

    How to Make a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath

    We glued all the red and white ones on first. It was then that we realized it looked a little bit too much like a candy cane. So, I made up some smaller light pink pom-poms to fill in and give it more of a Valentine's Day vibe.

    Making a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath is such a simple sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    I couldn't be happier with the end result. It's fun and festive. My daughter and I had a blast making up all the cute little pom-poms too.

    Making a Pom-Pom Heart Wreath is such a simple sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day!

    We're starting to pull out a little bit of heart decor for February... not too much (we just got all of Christmas put away, right?) But, you know I'm the mother of someone who loves to celebrate every holiday, right?  We couldn't let this month go by without a touch of heart-shaped decor. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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