Welcome to Posed Perfection!

Welcome to Posed Perfection!

No, this isn’t a blog about yoga poses or a photography studio.  Nor is it a blog about how to be perfect.  It is simply the chronicles of an imperfect, everyday mom sharing tidbits of life, recipes, crafts and hopefully some nuggets of wisdom picked up along the way. 

Too often I have read blog posts with beautiful pictures and inspiring words and felt a twinge of insecurity and, quite frankly, jealousy.  “Why can’t my house look like that all the time? How can she do all those fun projects in her spotless house? How can her smiling kids all be looking at the camera at the same time?” are the questions I ask myself.  But, I finally get it. Those “spotless” homes I see are either a series of pictures taken at different times while the rest of the house is a wreck, or taken right after the cleaning lady finished and the kids came home from school(except for a select few...you know who you are). The picture of the angelic children is take number 537, not the first or even the fifth picture shot.

The bottom line is we all try to “pose perfection” in life whether it’s in the way we photograph our kids, arrange our homes, or put dinner on the table for our families.  How can we strive for anything less when we were created in the image of a Perfect God? We are all in process. None of us is perfect. It just appears that way online sometimes.  I'm excited to begin this journey with you.


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