Fun Valley ~ BEST Family Camping Trip

We have taken some pretty great trips over the years, but Fun Valley in Colorado ranks among the highest for best family camping.  When my youngest was not quite a year old, we bought a travel trailer and have pulled it all over the country on various trips. My husband affectionately calls the trailer his "happy place". As we start this week, I cannot help but think back to last year when we spent a week in our "happy place" at Fun Valley in South Fork, Colorado with some of our extended family.
There are just so many things to share about this great family vacation spot. Fun Valley is only open in the summer from mid-May up until about Labor Day.  It has been owned and operated by the same family since the 1950s. They offer RV sites, rental cabins and a small hotel for accommodations.   As far as activities go, they have something for everyone.

Some of the activities included mini golf, bike rentals and a small arcade.

Horseback riding, hiking...

and paddle boating were big fun too.

The weather was beautiful and cool each day, and just about  every afternoon a rain shower came through refreshing everything.
There was wildlife...including bears. Though we didn't see any, we saw the carnage of the overturned trash cans each morning and these lovely bear prints right beside our car.

We cooked breakfast out on the griddle ...

and had s'mores by a fire most nights.
The kids logged many miles just riding their bikes around the park and to and from their cousins' rv.

But my very favorite part of this vacation, besides the sweet family time, was my early morning walks with the dog.

Everything was peaceful, the water calm and the air was crisp.

I loved watching the mama ducks waking up their babies and taking them for a turn around the pond.

This was my time to reflect and thank God for all the precious gifts in my life.  Looking back at these pictures makes me so grateful for that time.  It truly refreshed my soul. In my opinion, the "happiest place on earth" with all the fancy amusement rides and characters walking around doesn't hold a candle to this place. As the summer comes to a close, and everyone gets back into the groove of school, I hope you have sweet memories from your time with family over the summer. What are some of your very favorite summer vacation memories?


  1. Camping with the family is one of the greatest things to do! Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following. I have followed you back :)

  2. I love how he calls it his "happy place". My husband and I are dreaming of retirement day when we will travel across America with a "happy place" of our own. That dream keeps me keeping on keeping on as I work each day :) As for my fav vacation memory, toss up between Michigan and Wyoming. We've been both several times and they both hold awesome memories for me. Both are GORGEOUS! Thanks for visiting my blog and ... now I'm your latest bloggie-stalker :)

  3. What a beautiful place!!! WOWZERS on the bear print!

  4. Looks gorgeous!! What a fun family trip! Love the pictures too! New follower!


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