Surviving Summer

With the daytime temperatures firmly in the 100's,  finding things to do to keep cool is a necessity. Here are some tips for surviving summer when you don't have a pool in your backyard.

Invest in a Slip 'n' Slide.  They are between $10 and $30, depending on the model you get.  
The best part is the crash into the pool of water at the end.  Ahhhh, refreshing!
If you already have a trampoline, but it's too hot from the burning sun, turn it into a splash pad.  The kids love to be sprayed while they are jumping.  Mine like to see if they can jump over the arching water.  Warning: expect lots of belly-laughs!
Sometimes, even with water involved, it is just too hot to be outside.  When you've seen all the family-friendly movies at the theater and going to the mall for the umpteenth time doesn't sound appealing, there are still some alternatives.
How about Bowling?  You can go to and see if any of your local bowling alleys participate. Basically, kids can bowl 2 free games everyday (M-F up until 6pm) from about April to October. You either supply your own bowling shoes or rent them.
Glow Golf is another great choice.  It's crazy what they can do with glow-in-the-dark paint and black lights!  
Wanting something a little more structured and educational?  Check out the museums in your area.  Many of them have free or discounted rates during the day.
These are just a few suggestions, but ones that are sure to banish boredom and bring smiles. What are your family's favorite activities to beat the heat?

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