Thankful for His Goodness

How do you recover when your week starts off with a BANG? You thank God for His goodness.
There we were, minding our own business, when the truck in front of us at the stoplight decided to hit reverse. Laying on our horn proved fruitless.  The roar of the diesel truck drowned out the puny honk of our Honda.  Not able to get the car in reverse fast enough, we braced for the impact. CRUNCH!!!!!

Thankfully, the kids weren't with us, no one was injured, and the driver of the truck was insured. The Lord provided other blessings for us that afternoon. Upon impact, my glass of ice water spilled in my lap on my white capris. Normally, this would annoy me.  But on this day, it acted as an evaporative cooler as we waited around in the heat. God also provided a huge shade tree, clouds in the sky and a breeze...all on a day where the temperature reached 104 degrees.

Now, we will deal with the insurance company to determine the value of our car and the cost of the repairs. Knowing it is an old car with many, many miles on it, we are not overly optimistic about the settlement. We are praying they will just fix it. Here's what we know... God is good and His ways are not our ways.  He is perfect.  He will provide in a way only He can, and we will be thankful.
Wishing you a blessed weekend. May you know how wide and deep the Father's love is for you!

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  1. Such a bummer! Glad you're okay and the kids were with friends. So what kind of a sweet rental did God provide you with!?!? I'm curious what you're cruising around in interim. XO, Aimee

  2. So glad you weren't hurt, but looks like the car has a big "booboo!" Hope you get a nice rental with good air-conditioning to get you through.

    I just wanted to thank you for your sweet comments when you visited my blog and for following. I am following you back via Google Reader. Your GFC list isn't showing up for me for some reason, or maybe that's the way you have it set up. Anyway, I am now following!

    Also, just an FYI: Do you realize you have a "No Reply" email which makes it impossible for someone to respond back to you directly from the email you sent. I'm finding that a lot of bloggers don't even realize they have this set up this way, so I'm just trying to always let them know.


  3. What a sweet attitude. God surely does take care of us!


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