Days Gone By

Last Wednesday, September 12th, was International Crochet Day. When it was brought to my attention, I immediately thought of these beautiful crocheted doilies from my Great Aunt Ruth and Aunt Faye.  My MeMaw had these on her tabletops with various figurines and glass baskets of faux fruit. I can't help but be amazed by the intricacies of the pretties of days gone by. This poem by Susan Auld spoke to my heart as I remembered the ladies of my family from past generations.

In the Shadow of the Design

When I found the doily
it lay folded,
forgotten among the trappings
of my family gatherings,

its unfolding released
dusty and hazy memories
intensified by the motion of my hands
as I smoothed away the creases.

Yellowed threads, looped and knotted
by the strength of ancestral history
created a lacy snowflake on the wall
when held up in the day's streaming brilliance.

I found my grandmother in the shadow of the design.
I watched as she stroked my hair
and smoothed the doily over the headrest
of the stuffed chair in her parlor.

The sun moved and I lost her.
Two loose threads dangled from the doily's edging
each going its own way as generations will,
but still bound by the constancy of kindred connections.
It is just amazing to me how much care and detail went into each stitch of these beautiful hand-crafted doilies. I wonder, does anyone still crochet like this? Perhaps not, since our decorating styles have changed so much from those of the early to mid 1900's.
With our fast-paced, over-scheduled, electronics-filled lives, does anyone take the time to create such beautiful intricate things? Please don't misunderstand me, there are gorgeous crafts being made, stitched and sewn everyday.  I see them out in bloggyworld. Keep up the good work! I just wish, in my youth, I would have learned this art form from the wonderful ladies in my life.  I hope you will be inspired to pass on whatever handicraft skill you may have to these next generations.

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  1. That poem was perfect for this post about your ancestors.

  2. Oh my I LOVE the doilies!! I have one framed from my Grandmother with one of the tiny metal hooks she used. It's so dear to me. I actually did learn to crochet from my mother and grandmothers, but I still wish I had taken the time to learn more from her. What a lovely post and great way to remember those that came before us. Thank so much for linking up to the blog hop. I am happily following you back.:)

  3. We have doilies that were my mother-in-law's that she made. They are not necessarily our style, but the delicate, beautiful nature of them makes me want to figure out how to make them work (in my decor). They must have taken so long to make! I like your comment about that she placed figurines and faux fruit on them, I can so picture that!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful poem. Reminded me of my Aunt Mamie, who was like a grandmother to me. I still have the table runner she "tatted" on my dining room table. She was going to make a table cloth but her eyes gave out and she wanted to teach me how to do the time it was too difficult and life was too busy. How sad I am I did not learn, but how glad I am I have the runner. She also made First Communion dressed for her great nieces....and now her GREAT great nieces are wearing them. I feel her prayers and love for me in the stiches of her work. Recently I had her childhood doll restored...the hair was a mess and the doll hospital said the doll needed a hat...and then they pulled out a crocheted cap that could have been made by Aunt Mamie ! Conicidence....I don't think so.
    Justfound your blog, hope to visit often.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I have a love for doilies! I find them at estate sales,and so much beautiful work is put into them. Your aunts work is so lovely.


  6. Thanks for sharing the beautiful doilies. My mother taught me to crochet when i was 6 years old with the chain stitch. I would make my barbies purses. When I was 14 she taught me all the different stitches and then I taught myself how to read a pattern then. I still enjoy crocheting things from thread like the doilies above. My mother used to make the potholders with a rose in the middle but cannot anymore and I don't have one to keep for myself. take care, Darlene


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