Food for the Soul 3

I'm so grateful for a God who loves me and satisfies my needs in ways I never would have expected. I'm thankful for His guidance and leading in times when I can't figure out which way is up. 
He desires for us to grow strong in Him and takes us to those places where our dependence on Him will increase and our independence will decrease. This is where the heart work happens, where we surrender our will to His and let Him lead us in the way everlasting. 

Dear friends, I pray that all your needs are satisfied this week and that you will feel the refreshment that comes from the One who gives living water. Sweet Sunday blessings!


  1. Dear Nici,
    Thank you for posting spiritual thoughts. Last week you wished your readers to remember the Sabbath Day. That is wonderful.
    I love this scripture. I am mindful of it because it is about fasting. So thank you for reminding me that the Lord promises us that we'll be stronger and more resourceful if we fast.

    I am LDS and we fast every first Sunday of the month. I am fasting for my Army son who is in Ranger School right now and facing real challenging things. He asked his family to pray and fast for him so we are. I too am thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves us and listens to us and answers our prayers.
    Diana Neves

  2. Thank you for your kind words and blessing. I wish the same for you, Nici. I do not know Diana but I will say a prayer for her son. Have a safe and fun Labor Day.------- Shannon

    1. Thank you . That's very sweet of you Shannon to pray for a stranger's son. God bless you.

  3. Hi Nici,
    Found you through the Mom's Mingle, glad I did. Thanks for the inspirational words. I'll be your newest follower. You can check me out at

  4. Nici,
    I'm so glad I stopped in today for your sweet and uplifting words. Sunday blessings to you as well.

  5. I always say things like "it always works out; it has to" or "if it was meant to be, it will be." I truly believe this to be the case and this passage from Isiah explains why...


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