Standard Bi-Fold Duct Tape Wallet Picture Tutorial

Do you have any Duct Tape enthusiasts in your house?  How about any tween boys?  How about any men in your life that could use a new wallet? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to either show them this wallet or make it for them for a gift. They will love it! Here is my son's tutorial for a Standard Bi-fold Duct Tape Wallet with two credit card holders. Because I'm finding that blogging is a family affair, I was all to eager to let Mr. Duck Tape put this together for you when he asked if he could.
Here are the supplies you will need to make your wallet:
Cutting mat, craft knife, Duck Tape(this is the preferred brand by our enthusiast), scissors and a straight edge if you need it.

Start by cutting ten 8 inch strips of Duct Tape. Stick two together, sticky sides facing each other, to make a double-sided 8 inch strip.
Using the mat as your guide, adhere another strip about halfway on the double-sided strip to create a 3x8 inch sheet.Cover this with a fourth 8 inch strip.  You should now have a double-sided 3x8 inch sheet of duct tape. Repeat this process to create another 3x8 inch sheet.
Take one of the remaining strips and cut it in half lengthwise to make 2 1x8 inch strips. (These will be used to give the top of the wallet a clean edge.)Adhere 1/2 of the long side to the top of one of the sheets. Flip it over and fold the sticky side over to create that finished edge at the top of the wallet. Repeat this process again for the other 1/2 strip and double-sided 3x8 inch sheet.
Lay one sheet on top of the other, lining them up with the finished edge at the top. Use the last strip to connect the two sheets. To do this you will adhere 1/2 of the strip to the bottom of one of the sheets. Holding them together, flip over and adhere the sticky part to the other sheet. The two sides are now connected.

Next, cut two 3 inch sections of duct tape. Place 1/2 of one strip on one end and flip over to adhere the sticky side to the other side of the wallet.  Repeat with the other 3 inch strip. You have now effectively made your bi-fold wallet.
Next, we'll make the credit card holders to go inside. For this you need to cut four 3 1/2 inch strips. Stick 2 strips together with sticky sides facing. Take 3rd strip and cut in half length-wise.  Placing 1/2 on top portion of the sheet and folding it over to create the clean edge. Stick the remaining half strip to the bottom of the credit card holder. Line up the credit card holder near the top of the wallet and press the sticky strip onto the bottom.
Cut the fourth strip in half width-wise and seal up the sides of the credit card holder, both on the outside edge of the wallet and in the middle of the wallet. Repeat this process for another credit card holder on the other side, if desired. You'll want to use some sort of credit card or gift card to make sure it fits in the slots. Fold wallet in half and place a large book on it to flatten.

If you want, you can add some flair to your wallet with additional coordinating colors of duct tape. Mr. Duck Tape, here, has quite a selection of wallets he's made in recent months.  He has made bi-folds, tri-folds and ones with id holders.  Mr. Duck Tape hopes this tutorial was informative and helpful.

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  2. Great tutorial (and idea)!

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  3. Thanks for this tutorial my almost 3 year old has been obsessed with money lately. Yesterday, he told me that he wanted a wallet for his birthday and I think this is just perfect for a little dude. Pinned!
    I found your blog through Sugar Bee Crafts link up, thanks again for sharing.

  4. oh my goodness, you actually made it! i've seen these around but never actually did it. came out great!!! So fun in fact that I'd like to invite you to come link it up at our linky party at Hope to see you join in!

  5. I think this is so cool! I love all things duct tape! He has done a great job! My kids like to make things too. We must rub off on them! Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty!

  6. so fun

    isn't it amazing
    what you can do
    with a little duct tape?

    my daughter made
    a bible cover from
    some patterned tape

    stopping by from ATPF
    to say hello


  7. That kid is brilliant! What fun. what a cute photo. :-)

  8. Ah duct tape! I used to love making things with duct tape in my pre-teen years :) I actually used to make messenger bags out of coloured duct tape, cereal boxes and such!

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