Halloween Costume Inspiration

I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I love all the fun stuff... the candy, the little kids dressing up, the candy, the creative costumes, the candy....What I don't like are the gruesome, scary costumes, the over-the-top evil images, and teenagers trick-or-treating after 9pm. Oh, and I don't like to spend a lot of money on a costume they'll wear probably once. As we get ready for another night of Tricks and Treats, I thought I'd give you a little Halloween Costume Inspiration from some of our Halloweens past.
First up is the Sweet Little Bumble Bee and the Mummy. Hers was a hand-me-down recital costume and the mummy was just a white sheet ripped up on top of a white t-shirt and karate pants.
Next is the Snow Angel and Darth Vader...both purchased at Wal-mart and tweaked a bit.
Then we had the Genie and the Army Guy. The Genie costume was a garage sale score. It was pretty big on her, but we cinched it up where we needed to. She wore a pink leotard underneath for a little more coverage. I had to make the headdress, but was able to do it with some pink chiffon fabric, a little cardboard, some sequined ribbon, a stapler and a glue gun.
I shared with you the evolution of this Grecian Goddess costume here. The Army Guy, well, what else does a tween boy dress up as? It's been an easy costume for two years running.
While at a Trunk or Treat a couple of years ago, I saw this adorable guy walking around. I thought it was so detailed for a homemade Robot costume. (The disguise is there to hide his identity. I don't even know who he is.)
Finally, last year, some family friends came over to our neighborhood to trick-or-treat with our kids. The daughter came up with this awesome IPod costume. I thought it was so original and I can't tell you how many compliments she got as she walked around. So, have your kids picked out what their dressing up as this year? Will it be a costume that you make? My daughter has already decided on her costume, but I'm not sure about my son. It may be another year to bust out the camouflage.
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  1. What fun inspiration! This year my little one is going as an angel. A little fun find I found through a buy/sell website for very little money:) Win win!

  2. Love the ipod costume! Too cute! Thanks for linking up to the CHQ blog hop! Hope to see you back next week!

  3. Love the candy meter and ipod. Adorable. I'd like for you to stop by and link up some of your fun posts to Empowered Living Tuesday blog hop. A place where you can share your recipes and create self shine.


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