Second Hand Shopping in AZ

On Monday, I shared with you about our recent road trip to Arizona to celebrate my father-in-law's 80th birthday. While were there, I had the great pleasure of shopping with my SIL, Donna. She knows of many great places to scout the deals.  We started our Second Hand Shopping in AZ at Second Look in Phoenix. This is where I got the adorable pewter pitcher and white oval platter up above.

This store is a treasure trove of great finds.  A large section of western inspired decor sits in the middle of the store.
I spied many beautiful sets of dishes, adorable cake plates and holiday decorations galore. This is only one part of the store. They also carry a large selection of adult clothing, shoes and accessories.
Later in the week, we went driving around Pinetop, AZ and found a fun antique shop with a yarn store attached.
The centerpiece of this great store was this awesome, long farm table that probably sat 24 people comfortably without any leaves. I've never seen a table so long!

There were beautiful items tucked in all over the place. I loved these antique wooden spools in a big wooden colorful with the cotton string still wrapped on the bobbins.
In the upstairs room of this space, I found this gorgeous wooden cabinet with rustic accessories placed on it.
A pretty collection of vintage Ball jars sat atop a cubby hole shelf with delicate teacups. What is it about the old Ball jars that make them so appealing?  I was so tempted to get these, but knew that our cargo space in our vehicle was extremely limited...we went for economy rather than comfort on this road trip. Maybe it was my husband's plan all along to limit the extra space so I wouldn't fill it up with things I "couldn't possibly live without.";-)
These giant antique hinges were the most interesting items I saw in this store. They were easily 18 to 24 inches in length. I was intrigued, but clueless as to what to do with them...until I got home. Why must my practical side almost always win?!?! I really wish I would have purchased at least one of them for a touch of rustic whimsy in the house. Oh, time.
Our official shopping time had ended and I was empty-handed (except for the 1/4 lb. of mint fudge that my daughter convinced me to buy). Do you recall me telling you that Donna and I had been on some morning walks? Well, we ran across a garage sale near their cabin and I found this pretty pheasant picture for $2. I'm still tweaking my sideboard in my dining room, but I'm pretty sure he is going to play a starring role in the vignette.
Remember the vintage Ball jars at the antique store? Well, I didn't purchase those, but while helping my  FIL clean out his pantry, I found these beauties sitting unused. I asked him if he still needed them and he said I could have them if I wanted them. Woo-hoo! They're not exactly vintage, but they will add a pop of color in the kitchen and can be used to store something. I love double duty accessories!
Last but not least, Donna (SIL)has been going through her mother's things over the last year since her passing. She found this dainty little covered bowl that her mother used to keep cotton balls in on her vanity, and thought that I might like to have it. I love the colors and the details of this pretty piece. Most of all, I love that it belonged to sweet Mildred. We already have her piano, so every time it sings, I think of the wonderful lady who once played on it. So, while I may not have actually "shopped" in a store to acquire some of these items on the trip, it was still a fun time spent with those close to my heart.
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  1. Second Look is a huge thrift store. What a great place to poke around. The antique store looks awesome too. My favorite way to spend a day! Visiting from Inspiration Friday.

  2. Oh my goodness! That looks like a great place to shop. I wouldn't mind spending the day in there! I love your pewter pitcher. I have a tiny one & I can't believe how often I've used it!

  3. I would have stayed and stayed. The table was beautiful. Can you imagine the size of the family or work crew that used it? Think of the stories it could tell.

    Distressed Donna Down Home


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