Shoes Are Like Rabbits

Does anyone else feel like this? Our shoes are like rabbits. They multiply and spill out from their container like nobody's business.
Well, to be fair, it had been awhile since I had purged the shoe basket at the foot of the stairs. It was time.
We have some family and friends coming to stay at our house tomorrow and I didn't want them having to dodge the mountain of shoes to get up the stairs, and it's time to take inventory of what new shoes I need to purchase for those two growing kids of ours.
So, I started by taking each shoe out of the basket and putting it into a keep pile and a toss pile. As you can see, our dog, Scamp, was quite interested in this process. Then I took the basket outside and dumped out all the grass/dirt that was in the bottom. I swept up the area around the shoe box and the bench and replaced the big basket. 
Next, I matched up the keeper shoes and put them on their ends into the basket. These are the shoes that my kids use most often right now.  
All the others, like boots and cooler weather shoes were placed inside the red bench. Ahhh, it's looking so much better. Next, I attacked the pile of tossers and separated them into trash and give away.'s all done...for now. I'll try to keep a better handle on those "wascally wabbits" in the future. How do you keep control of shoes in your house?
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  1. What a great way to keep shoes from hiding all over the house. I'm about to give our entryway a makeover and I was already going to include a bench but now I'm going to include a shoe basket - which might keep the floors cleaner too! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  2. I love your basket and bench.

    In my house the shoes they don't wear as often go in their room. I few years ago I broke my hand falling over them. Now they know they must put them away :)

  3. What a good way to corral the shoes.

  4. I have a bin at my front door, and even though it's just my husband and me at home and our shoes also seem like rabbits : )
    And when the grandkids stay over, then the rabbits are everywhere. I like your solution...even though we all know it's temporary : )

  5. Now that's a great idea! I'm also giggling too...our back entryway is a breeding ground for

  6. Looks much better! I was just thinking the other day about how my son only has two pairs of shoes and where I should be storing them....starts young, huh?!

    Thank you so much for partying with us @ Keep Calm & Link Up this week! Have a nice weekend!! xo, Meredith @

  7. I did that recently and couldn't believe how many shoes my son had. Like the cute red bench too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. LOL I just have to say that I loved this post since it was about reality in everyone's life and homes :) All of my life, raising 3 sons, and even now having this that or the other one live here for awhile...this shoe thing is always something to deal with

    I had one move in for a weeks awhile ago and I have at least 4 pr shoes left and hanging around :)

  9. Totally relate to this, too! I made a shoe storage area by our kitchen door (with little shelves and all)... and still, shoes get piled up! One of my son's chores is to organize the shoe pile. Great post! :)

  10. Love it! I need to go purge our shoe storage bins in the front closet. It's Fall here, which means no more sandals or summer shoes needed.


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