Seven Things on Saturday ~ Week 3

Can you believe it's Saturday again? I am stunned at how quickly time is passing. Well, I can't let this week go by without sharing with you some more things I'm thankful for. Here is the next installment of Seven Things on Saturday ~ Week 3.
1. I'm grateful for fresh flowers to perk up the kitchen and my sweet friend who brought this gorgeous bouquet to me on Sunday. These flowers are still beautiful almost a week later.

2. I am so grateful for the opportunity and ability to homeschool my children. This week we read stories taken from Shakespeare's plays. Granted, I spent more time explaining which character was which and what he was doing than actually reading, but at least they learned the differences among tragedies, comedies and historical plays. That and "Something's rotten in the state of Denmark!"
3. I'm always thankful for the first fire of the season. Everyone in the house gets excited about it. I don't know if it's the ambiance and warmth it provides, or the pyromaniacal tendencies it evokes that gets the troops rallied to usher in the cool weather with a blazing fireplace. For me, it's definitely the ambiance and warmth.

4. Grateful for a Saturday with no plans, except cleaning the house and washing the gray right outta my hair. :-) Let's see if you are still singing the song later...

5. I am thankful for warm soup on a cold day.
6. I'm thankful that I know how to get this melted plastic bag off my cooktop from one of the other times I've done something stupid like this. When will I learn to look at the little red light on the stove that warns me when a burner is still hot? In my defense, my hubby had cooked some stuffing while I was out shopping and picking up the rotisserie chicken(that was in the Target bag), and I just set the bag down on the stove not thinking about which burner he would have used. Sadly, it took a little more work getting the plastic off this time.
7. I'm thankful that I know there will be plenty to eat for my family on Thanksgiving, for I am painfully aware that many will go hungry. My prayer is that everyone in this great country and abroad would know the feeling of full tummies and full hearts on this wonderful holiday we set aside to offer up thanks to the One who gives all things.

As always, I hope you know how very grateful I am for each of you. Your visits and your sweet comments make my heart so very happy. May you be surrounded by those you love in the coming weeks and may you know how very much you are loved. Have a delightful weekend!

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  1. Your friend has good taste, those colors on that bouquet are rich and vibrant!

    I'm visiting you from the Weekend Blog Walk. Nice to see your thankful post.


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