Where in the world is Posed Perfection?

Well, you may have wondered this week with my lack of posting, "Where in the world is Posed Perfection?" To tell you the truth, I had every intention of posting recipes, tablescapes, and crafts this week, despite our little whirlwind trip to San Antonio.
On Sunday, I had the computer packed and had pictures downloaded to IPhoto to start the picture editing and post writing process. It would be a working vacation. Yeah, right. I got to San Antonio with the kids and realized, as we were unloading the car, that the computer was not there. Doh! I had left it at home on my cute little red ottoman bench by the stairs.  I was forced to be completely present with my family during this little trip...which isn't a bad thing, by the way. I did use the hotel computers to link up to a few parties, but I knew I wouldn't be posting for a few days. So, we met up with my hubby, who is working in San Antonio for a couple of weeks, and took in the sights of this awesome town. It was a fun trip.
No trip to San Antonio would be complete without visiting the Alamo.

Funny story about this picture...I had to have it taken 2 times each by 2 different strangers. The first couple of takes were a bit windblown. My hair looked like the lead singer of the 80's band, A Flock of Seagulls. If you don't know what he looked like, you should google it. You'll totally understand my "do" on the first couple of takes and have a good giggle. I waited for the first "photographer" couple to leave, then asked more strangers to take another picture. This time, I wore my sunglasses on my head to hold my unruly hair back and thwart the efforts of the wind to ruin my family picture. Anyway, this was the best shot we got.
This is a gorgeous old hotel in downtown. The details on the building were incredible.
 Monument in front of the Alamo remembering those who gave their lives in the battle at the Alamo.
Mosaic of San Antonio on the way to the River Walk by the Hyatt in downtown.
My handsome young man just outside the Hyatt in front of a series of water features.
Gorgeous glass pumpkins at a glass shop on the River Walk. I wish I would have checked into buying one of these beauties, but I was afraid to ask the cost. So, I admired them from afar.
My little sweetie along the River Walk. We enjoyed a pizza dinner at one of the restaurants here as well. We enjoyed eating al fresco on the River Walk.
Finally, one of the highlights of the trip was getting to introduce my kiddos to their great aunt whom I hadn't seen in almost 12 years. We got to take her to lunch and spend some time catching up.  It was a real treat for all of us. So, that's what we've been up to this week... what about you?


  1. a beautiful family! you look great , Nici!
    hugs for you,

  2. I love San Antonio:) What great photo's and it looks like you had a super time.

  3. Sweet Family pics!! Love the San Antonio pics....I will join you next time!

  4. You have a wonderful family. Thank you for the Alamo pictures. I lived in San Antonio when I was in jr. high and my girlfriend and I would ride the bus and visit the downtown area with the Alamo. I was disappointed it was surrounded by shops and department stores. I thought it would have been like the old movie. Is the department store Joskes still there?

  5. Wow! I was in San Antonio years ago and these lovely pictures of the river and the Alamo make me want to go back.


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