Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

Even in this technology-driven world that we live in, I still find it beneficial to have a wall calendar to mark out our days and keep track of special events. Last year, I was running behind on getting my calendar, but I found that Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.  About a week into the new year, I went in to our local Mardel's store (a Christian Bookstore) and saw that they had their calendars marked to 90% off. Yes, I know yesterday I posted about candy canes and cookie dough mix being marked down 90%...seems to be a trend in my life. This year, I planned my 90% calendar shopping spree and I was not disappointed.
So, instead of spending $15.99 a pop for a nice calendar, I got 4 calendars for $5.00 and some change. Not too shabby! We chose the soaring eagles calendar for my son.
For our calendar downstairs, I chose this large one with pockets on the bottom for receipts, coupons or invitations.
The school room is getting this fun Mary Englebreit calendar.
All of her artwork is inspirational, whether it is the fun pictures or the uplifting sayings...I loved this one for my birthday month.
My daughter chose the little one with baby animals and set to filling it up with dates to remember right away. We went through each month writing down birthdays and anniversaries of all our family members. She loves to celebrate everything and everyone!
So, now we are all set. We've each got a calendar to keep track of the important events in our lives this year, and we saved a bunch of money at the same time. I love it when a plan comes together ;-)

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  1. That's a great deal and I love Mary Engelbreit! Cute calendars!

  2. I love me some Mary Engelbreit, and at 90% off, I'd be head over heels. I went without a calendar all last year and I did pretty well, but there were a few forgotten birthdays, etc. Think I'll go see if I can find a good calendar deal. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Those calendars are precious, and what a great deal you got! My granny used to say "Great things come to those that wait--but not WHILE they are waiting"! Meaning, you gotta do your part to make it happen, which you did. Good planning!!!


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