Inspiration Overload

Have you ever been so inspired to do great things, but get started on them and realize you have no real direction? Oh, my goodness! That's where I've been this weekend! Inspiration Overload.

See that little guy in the picture? That's me...lots going on up in the brain, but it doesn't translate into much activity. Every day last week was taken up with planned duties, games, lessons, and a fun play date across town. I even squeezed in a mini date night with my sweetie. When I finally got to Saturday (a free morning without hubby or kids), I thought for sure I'd be able to 'get my craft on'.
Unfortunately, I'd start on one thing, get frustrated, and flit to the next without a real vision for what I was doing. So, while I was a bit crafty, I have nothing to show for it yet.
I made some stuffed fabric hearts, but didn't have a clue what to do with them (too many options). Then I started thinking about our 3rd grade Women of Grace girls and how I'd like to do some Valentine's crafts with them, so I got on Pinterest... Then, I thought about the fact that my daughter's birthday is coming up very soon and I still haven't planned that. So, basically, I got nothing done.
Well, that's not totally accurate... I did spend some extended time Saturday morning with just my bible, my new bible study (RUTH...loss, love & legacy by Kelly Minter) and my sweet Heavenly Father. That was not time wasted, by any means.

Sunday was wonderfully full with church, a meeting with the ladies I serve with in the Women of Grace group and a scrimmage baseball game for my son. Is it really time to start the spring season of sports already?!? So, enough about me... what did you get accomplished this weekend? I'd love to know that someone was productive. ;-)


  1. Hi Nici, I had the best intentions of getting caught up on all my bloggy reading this weekend, but I've been so distracted tinkering with my new blog design that somehow it never happened. So here I am. :) Have a great week my friend.


  2. I completely understand. This has happened to me many times as well and it drives me crazy! It's either no inspiration or too much inspiration! lol


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