Pizza Bundles with Friends

Last week, we were able to spend a few hours with a dear old friend of mine and her kiddos. We've known each other since the awkward years of junior high school and still enjoy a sweet friendship that knows no bounds. Since we were at their house over the noon hour, she graciously made the kids some Pizza Bundles for lunch.
I forced her kindly asked her if I could document it in pictures, just in case the kids really liked it. She agreed, but warned me that she had only seen it on Pinterest and hadn't actually tried it. Fortunately, it was a huge hit with the kids. So, I thought I'd share it with you too. Oh, and because this was just a casual lunch among friends, I did not have her bring out her good dishes just so I could turn her kitchen into a food studio. She was sweet enough to let me take pictures of the process.
Here's what you need: pizza sauce, crescent rolls, string cheese and pepperoni (or other pizza toppings)
Start by separating out the triangles.
On each triangle at the large end, place 3-5 pepperoni pieces and/or other toppings.
Top the pepperoni with 1/2 of a string cheese. (For some of the bundles, we skipped the pepperoni all together and got rave reviews from the two 8 year olds.)
Roll up the bundles and place on cookie sheet.
She used her well-seasoned Pampered Chef stonewear. You could sprinkle the bundles with Italian seasoning or garlic powder before baking too.
Bake in a 375 degree oven for 12-14 minutes or until the bundles are golden. Remove from pan and serve with your favorite pizza sauce.

We had a blast catching up and letting the kids play. It would have been nice if I would have gotten some pictures of our play date. Oh well, maybe next time. At least we've got our memories... and the Pizza Bundles.

Besides a fun lunch for the kids, these Pizza Bundles would make a great snack for your Super Bowl parties coming up. I know we'll be making a batch at home real soon. They were that good...or so I'm told. They were all eaten before I got to sample them.

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  1. I can hear the kids waking up now. I am showing them this. We'll be picking the ingredients up after school and making this. So smart. Everything they love!! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great snack idea! I'm so happy you were able to visit with your sweet friend :)

  3. I found you on Whatever Goes Wednesdays. These are a great idea. We're having a Super Bowl linky party this week. Love to have these added to lineup. Some good giveaways too.

    Thanks for sharing your idea and have a SUPER week!


  4. Yep! Going to have to make these. My kids will love them. What a great idea.

  5. Your ,, croissants ,, look delicious Nici! Another good idea of you ! Thank you for inspiration :)).
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. YUM!!! I think that sounds like a yummy treat!

  7. I make this with Rhodes rolls. They can be a little more of a hassle because you have to let them thaw out so not a quick snack but they taste really yum. Like you said, sprinkling with Italian season adds some great flavor.
    Have a wonderful Thursday,
    Ashley (Mrs. Mama)

  8. Im off to the grocery store to get this stuff!! My 7 year old would love these!! thanks so much for sharing :-)

  9. I normally don't click on recipes but I love this one! I bet my picky kids will even eat it!! Thanks for sharing! Now a follower, you can follow me back at if you have time to check it out!!

  10. Nici,
    These little bundles will be great for the Big Game Day. Your recipe is awesome and thank you so much for sharing it with Full Plate Thursday.
    Have a great weekend and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  11. What a great snack idea! I usually already have all these ingredients at home, and they look so quick and easy to make! Perfect for one of those late night snacks! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Easy and fun which makes for a perfect recipe.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Yummy! Perfect idea!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  14. This looks so good! I am glad the kids liked them!

  15. Oh yes! Simple, delicious, easy, good! My kind of recipe! Thanks for sharing these on Two Cup Tuesday! I look forward to seeing you there on Monday Night!

  16. Oh Nici these look so delicious! Great snack and party treat for sure :)


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