Food for the Soul ~ Lamentations 3:22-23

I don't know about you, but I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed this last week. Both kiddos had been sick, I got the crud too, I had a birthday party to plan and pull off, schoolwork to do with the kids... the list of things to do seemed endless. But at the end of every day, when my head hit the pillow, I knew this truth...that the Lord's compassions never fail. They are new every morning. Even as we go through the times that seem overwhelming, if we keep our eyes on the One who can calm all the storms of life, we will see His mercies on the other side. Thankfully, both kids are feeling much better. A good time was had by all at the birthday party...especially the birthday girl. I'm still battling this nasty cold/ sinus infection, but it will not get the better of me.  I pray you know and experience the great love of our LORD this week. Blessings to you, sweet friends.


  1. So timely and so true. My dad's been in a coma since October, nothing's the same anymore and there's so much to do every single day, and then my brother called today to say that his father-in-law had to go to the hospital today after church and they kept him. Many times it seems overwhelming and that's because we're looking at each situation and it's too much to bear, but we have to be reminded that our eyes are looking in the wrong direction and God has all power in His hands and can and will help us through all of the things we face.

  2. Beautiful scripture to reflect on....thanks for sharing! xx


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