Puppy Love

We're coming up on the third anniversary of when we adopted our sweet Scamp. It was Puppy Love at first sight. While chatting with my SIL this week lamenting the fact that I didn't know what to post about, she suggested I introduce you to the 4-legged member of our family.
Meet Scamp. As I said, we adopted him 3 years ago this week. We were wanting a Westie and saw him at the pound. He is said to be a Westie mix, but I have my suspicions that he is a white Schnauzer.
They estimated him to be 1 year old when we got him. His name at the pound was Porkchop. Is that not hilarious? We were tempted to keep the name, but Scamp won the vote. This was his first night at home with us. He curled right up next to my hubby and stole our hearts immediately. He is an old soul...grunting and groaning just like an old man when he lays down...which is a lot.
He is my shadow in every sense of the word. When I'm on the computer, he's at my feet. When I'm in the school room teaching the kids, he is laying down by my feet. When I'm cooking in the kitchen, he is curled up in a ball in the corner of the kitchen...right at my feet. He's not there to beg or wait for scraps, he's just there to be near me. When I go into the bathroom... you get the idea.
He came to us potty trained and with really good mealtime manners. He lays down in our living room just outside the kitchen while we eat. I've never seen a dog less motivated by food, except for bananas. He can hear me peeling one from upstairs. Oh, and chocolate...but he won't be having anymore of that. Not since he ate half a bag of chocolate chips that were not secured and spent a night in the pet ER. That was a costly lesson about making sure all the food is put away and not left on couches.
Scamp is a great traveling dog too. He's been camping with us numerous times and just loves being with the family. Our only real complaint with him is his ear-piercing bark...very annoying. And he is a runner. If he manages to get out the front door without a leash, he keeps on running. We've learned to be vigilant at the front door making sure he doesn't bolt. We were really blessed to find him that February day. He is such a sweet dog and a brings a lot of joy to us.
Scamp wishes you a Happy Groundhog Day! Hope your Saturday is delightful!


  1. Nicki, Scamp is adorable! I too have a four legged companion who follows me around endlessly all day. Where ever I am she is! You can see her here - http://designeddecor.com/repurposed-pet-bed/. I have had her for 7 years. They are so much fun with unconditional love!

  2. Aww...what a sweetheart! And what a great testament to getting your dog at the pound. There are so many out there waiting patiently for a loving family. Wasn't it nice not having to potty train him? And the fact that he shadows you around the house is adorable. We learned our lesson too, about being diligent with food. Actually, my husband (well meaning though he was) gave one of our previous dogs a pork bone to chew on. A few days later he ended up in the pet ER. The bone had splintered and he had swallowed it, so it nearly killed him. :( That was a very, very expensive pork bone! So happy to meet Scamp. The name is perfect, although Porkchop is pretty darn cute too. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  3. Nici ~ What an adorable face -- such expression! Scamp looks to me like he could be a Westie/Jack Russell Terrier mix. Scamp's ear set, head/face shape and coat remind me so much of our Jack Russell, Skyline Orchard The Trapper (how's that for a handle?)-- also with an annoying ear-piercing bark. Trapp, my constant shadow, passed over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 15 of few months ago. Sure miss that sweet 'ol boy. Scamp should continue to make appearances on your blog from time-to-time. ~ Karen H.

  4. Scamp is just adorable - can definitely see the Westie in him.

    Have a great weekend.

    Kate x


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