Food for the Soul~ Numbers 6:24-26

Happy St. Patrick's Day! While the Irish have a lovely blessing, I thought I'd share with you a blessing directly from our Heavenly Father. 
May you be blessed today and always! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Good morning Nici. It's funny how many times you can hear a blessing and not know where it came from. When I saw that your verse today was from Numbers, I expected to read one that I wasn't very familiar with. It was quite the opposite. I hear this blessing at church at least once a week, twice during Lent! So often when we hear a verse over and over again, we become complacent and don't give the words themselves much thought anymore. I'm glad you used this one today and brought it to my attention. I'm going to meditate on this blessing from our dear Savior today and soak it in anew. Have a wonderful Sunday!



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