Food for the Soul ~ Proverbs 18:10

I love the imagery of this Proverb. Yesterday, I shared on Facebook that I was going over to help out at a charity yard sale to benefit a young family that has been hit hard with news that no one wants to hear. The news came just after Christmas...stage 4 brain tumor. 

Many of you follow my SIL Aimee's blog, It's Overflowing, and may have already been aware of her sister's husband's diagnosis. They are a young family with mounting medical bills and a seemingly bleak future. But, they serve a Mighty God. He is their Strong Tower and they live moment by moment in His grace. They have embraced this season in their lives as a privilege to identify with Christ in His suffering. And, they trust Him with all the details of their circumstances.  You can follow their journey here. I know they would appreciate your prayers on their behalf.

Aimee and her other sisters organized a yard sale asking their friends to donate items to be sold. Over 40 families contributed to this sale and THOUSANDS of dollars were made to help Mark and Anna with their financial needs. Unbelievable! We were all blown away by the Lord's provision. He more than doubled what we had hoped the yard sale would bring in.

God doesn't always take away the painful things in our lives, but He is always there to be our refuge and strong tower. I am praising Him today for His goodness and generosity. Blessings to you this week, sweet friend! May you know the boundless stores of His love for you.


  1. Hi Nici, your picture was well chosen for this verse. I've been following Mark and Anna's story. They are such an inspiration to the rest of us, showing what it really means to put all your trust in God. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


  2. This post was a blessing to me as I go through my own set of circumstances, but in and through it all, I know that the Lord is the answer for all of our concerns, conditions, and circumstances.

    * And I do follow It's Overflowing, but I had no idea you and Aimee were SILs. Small world.

  3. Libby's comment could have been written by me. All we have to do is look around and there will be someone with much worse circumstances. This family will be in my prayers tonight. On a happier note---- Happy Birthday!!
    (Saw your comment at Yvonne's)

  4. Beautiful imagery with the verse. I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis but appreciate you sharing that answer to prayer. It's encouraging to hear the sale went so well.


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