Small Celebration at BJ's Restaurant

On Saturday, my daughter's soccer team won their second game in a row. We were all pretty excited, and figured it was a good time for a small celebration. BJ's Restaurant was in the area and was the perfect choice. As soon as we walked in, it was clear that this was the place to be. They had a really fun atmosphere with TVs all around showing the sports channels. I was amazed at how busy it was at the time we went, but figured it must be that good. I was right.
We are big pizza eaters in our family and most of our dining experiences (few and far between) revolve around this magnificent Italian pie. We had never had BJ's Restaurant before and were so happy we tried it. They are running a fabulous special right now (3/18/13 - 4/29/13)...Party for Two for $19.95.
Hubby and I shared the Party for Two for $19.95 meal which included 2 soups or salads, a Medium BJ's Signature Pizza, and BJ's Famous Pizookie Dessert.
We chose a side salad to start with. I was expecting a small bowl and got this huge plate with the house salad and ranch dressing. My daughter was trying to sweet talk me into giving her some of it. Hubby ate his right up, presumably so he could get to the pizza faster.

While many of the combinations they had on the menu were tempting, we went with a Deep Dish Cheese Pizza with Tomatoes and Meatballs. It was delicious and plenty big for the two of us. We ended up taking home a couple of slices too.
The kids enjoyed their kid's meal pizzas as well. My daughter insists it was the best pizza she has ever had. My son, well, he appreciates just about any meal that comes with free refills on the drinks ;-) For the record, he also thought the pizza was awesome.
Finally, we turned the Party for Two Pizookie dessert into a Party for Four. Let's just say, I'm glad our server brought out 4 spoons instead of forks. It was a feeding frenzy with spoons and elbows all over the place. Someone could have really gotten hurt with the forks. I think it was gone in less than 2 minutes. I only got 2 bites... probably because I was the one with the camera. Note to self...order at least 2 Pizookies when dining with 4 people. It's the responsible thing to do.
Here's another picture of the BJ's Restaurants Famous Pizookie Dessert, in case you missed it in the collage above. Actually, I just wanted another look at it. Isn't it beautiful? As pretty as it is, it tastes 100x better. Go see for yourself.  BJ's Restaurants frequently run specials much like the Party for Two. To keep up with all their great deals be sure to check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

BJ's Restaurant is running the Party for Two special at all their neighborhood locations, so you are bound to have one close by. Here in the DFW area, we have at least six. Their Party for Two is the perfect excuse to go have a date night with your sweetie, a fun girl's night, or just a small celebration for the little things that make life so wonderful. I'm pretty sure we'll be taking advantage of this special again before it goes away April 29th, so I can at least have another bite of Pizookie. ;-)

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  1. Sound like a great place to eat! So glad the family enjoyed it! xx


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