Spring Healthing with LYSOL

Hi friends! Spring has definitely sprung in our part of the country. It is time to start getting our homes all spruced up for the new season. One of my favorite brands for getting things clean and germ-free is LYSOL. In fact, they are introducing a new movement. It's called Healthing and it is taking things a step further than just cleaning. This idea is centered on keeping families as healthy as possible, looking beyond cleaning and focusing on the proper steps to keep our families well.
We've all heard the tips about eating the "rainbow" everyday and getting daily exercise, but what do we do to keep our families healthy in the house. We are a family with allergies to pollen. Opening up the windows this time of year to get fresh air in and "germy" air out is just not healthy for us. Sometimes we need a little help from cleaning products and LYSOL does it all. From surfaces to hands to air, LYSOL has products to kill 99% of germs and help with getting rid of the allergens too.
We had family come into town over the Easter weekend, so it was time to do some serious cleaning. The guest bathroom (also the kids' bathroom) needed attention. Truthfully, I need to get better about wiping down the counters and sink daily to keep germs and dust at bay. LYSOL wipes would be perfect for this as they kill 99.9% of germs. And, even better, I should have the kids do this to get in the habit of keeping their bathroom healthy and clean. I had a little talk with my son about the toilet area in particular ;-)I'm thankful we taught our kids from an early age to always wash their hands after using the restroom and this has become second nature. But, keeping the bathroom clean? That's another life lesson to teach them.
When I do a thorough cleaning, I like to use the 1-2 punch of Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Lysol Bathroom Cleaner to knock out the germs and and leave it smelling and looking fresh and clean. I love that it uses Hydrogen Peroxide instead of bleach to power through the dirt and kill the germs.
The next area to get ready for company was the guest room. Along with dusting, vacuuming and freshening up the sheets, I sprayed LYSOL Sanitizing Spray all around. Because this is sometimes the room we sleep in when we are sick, I wanted to kill any germs that might have wanted to threaten the health of our company.
During the winter, we were affected by a couple of cold viruses that traveled through our family. The above picture was not staged. My son actually walked around the house like this for a couple of days. Kleenex was his best friend. In an effort to squelch the germs in the air, we were vigilant to spray LYSOL in the areas of our home we spent the most time...particularly the family room. We do a lot of our schoolwork there, as well as watch television. The remotes, the couches and chairs were all sprayed on a daily basis with LYSOL Disinfectant Spray to keep the viruses from spreading.
Why do we clean? I mean, besides to make things look better. It's to protect our families and keep them well. That's why LYSOL started this movement of Healthing. It doesn't take any more effort than cleaning, just a little more thought in the products you use. For more information and tips about the how you can get involved in the Healthing Initiative by LYSOL be sure to check out their website and Facebook page. They even have a guidebook to help you incorporate Healthing into your family's lifestyle.

So, even as I'm writing this, I am preparing for the next round of out-of-town guests to come for a visit this weekend. You can better believe the LYSOL will be coming out to work its magic.

 I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for LYSOL®. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.


  1. L with the Kleenex strapped to his chest wins the prize for best picture this morning....:) xx

  2. Yup, I was going to say the same thing....LOVE the Kleenex box in the robe. What a cute picture! And I haven't seen these new products from Lysol. I'll be sure to look for them next time I'm at the store. Thanks!



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