Food for the Soul ~ Psalm 141:3

"Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips." 
Psalm 141:3
Boy, oh boy, do I ever need this verse today! Ever notice how easy it is to let words just fly from your mouth without giving them much thought? I see this most when I am concentrating on getting something done (like a blog post) and the kiddos keep asking me the same question, "When are you going to be finished?". Or, when I have to play referee for the umpteenth time in a day. I'm not yelling obscenities at them or calling them cruel names or anything like that (I certainly don't condone either of those), but when I lose my cool and snap it sends a message to them that whatever I'm working on is far more important than they are.  It's not right to just let hurtful words spew forth and I frequently have to apologize to my kids for it. How can I possibly expect them to watch how they speak to one another when I don't have control over the hurtful words that I utter? Most importantly, how am I showing Christ's love to them if I'm pushing them away with rants of frustration?
My prayer this week is that my mouth would speak only words of strength and blessing into my children and my husband's ears and that the LORD would "keep watch over the door of my lips". I hope you have a wonderful week, dear friends. May you be strengthened by the joy of the Lord!

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