Food for the Soul ~ Romans 15:5-6

Happy Sunday to you! My soul feels refreshed by the lovely rain we had this weekend (although we were completely soaked at my daughter's soccer game) and the time we spent in fellowship with our old small group delving into the scriptures to study God's Truth. With a new work week starting, I know there will be challenges to overcome. Thankfully, God's word is a soothing balm and an encouragement to me as I face the inevitable.

I don't know about your family, but mine has a tendency to lean towards discord, specifically the siblings. We talk about being kind to one another, about the Golden Rule, but somehow things just seem to go south almost as soon as feet hit the floor in the morning. I am amazed at how quickly a misspoken word or a loud sigh can set off the alarms and the whole morning is turned upside down with tears and wailing. Ahhh, the preteen years! Oh, you thought I was talking about toddlers? No, no, no. That was easy, I almost expected the bickering when they were young. Somehow, I thought it would get easier...I didn't take into consideration hormones, much less sin nature.

Since we homeschool, my kiddos are around each other a lot. Besides the new (harder) school schedule this year, we are also spending several hours a week down at my husband's office helping him with various tasks of running a rental car agency. We have lots of opportunities for practicing getting along and you would think that we are getting better at it. But, like most families, we are a group of sinners in need of the Savior's grace. We need to draw on the strength and endurance of the One who created us. We need more unity and less selfishness, more love and less hyper-sensitivity. Basically, we need more Jesus.

This verse will be my prayer for our family this week. I will be praying for you too, that your hearts may be drawn closer in unity to those you spend your lives with as you follow Christ and His example of love and humility. Thanks for stopping by today! Wishing you a beautiful blessed week, sweet friends!


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