Food for the Soul ~ Zephaniah 3:17

What a beautiful promise from God's Word today! After the crazy-busy and sad week we had, I am encouraged most by the fact that He will quiet us with His love. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel a little manic as I am going through the motions of the week. I spent a lot of time driving people around last week, feeling like I was running late all the time...getting set back on the schedule I was trying to keep. Everything seemed loud to me ~ the road, the chattering in the back seat, my inner voice telling me all I needed to get done (that wasn't getting done while I was in the car). I needed to trust in His grace and give all my cares to Him in the midst of my struggles, instead I let a lot of it build up inside. Fortunately, I had a few quiet moments in the afternoon on Saturday to catch my breath and decompress a little. I wish I would have read this verse at the beginning of the week and maybe even posted it all around me. It might have made a difference in my attitude toward my sweet passengers. Thankfully, because God's Word is living and active, we can claim these promises for all eternity. And that is what I intend to do. 
Friend, I hope you know that the LORD loves you and delights in you. You are not merely an afterthought, but a treasure worth dying for. May your week be filled with joy!

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  1. Nick, how wonderful to find another blogger who shares a deep faith in Jesus! This post brought a tear to my eye. My past week has been much like yours, one of chaos and letting go of schedules and routine - largely in part because of starting my blog. I've spent countless hours at the computer and have neglected to spend time with my Lord. This was a gentle reminder that He loves me and deserves my time (the first fruits, not the leftovers!). I believe when I am faithful in that area, he will bring peace and calmness and guide how I focus my time and energies.


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