Food for the Soul ~ Psalm 139:23-24

Oh, how I need to be led in the way everlasting by the One who is qualified to do the leading! God created me and no one knows me better. He knows my strengths and failures, my gifts and my fears, and He knows best how I should navigate my days. I know that my "compass" should be pointed to Him all the day long, but sometimes I get sidetracked. (Anyone else out there like that?) I focus on "fixing" things that were never meant to be my responsibility for "fixing". Or worse, I don't give the Lord a second thought as I go about my daily business. 

I may think that I am doing things for the right reasons, but upon further investigation, I find that my vision is short-sighted and sometimes even self-gratifying. When I try to lead without Him (whether at home with my kids or in service to others), I become frustrated and ineffective. God's love is infinite. His resources are without end. His mercies are new every morning. May He search our hearts, see our motives and correct our ways. My prayer is that we would go to Him first as the Source of all things, rather than our last resort. I hope you have a wonderful week, sweet friends. Your visits mean so very much to me!


  1. Thank you for sharing this today, Nici. I so mess up when I lose sight of Him and wonder why life is so hard. I just need that laser focus on God, not on the worldly struggles. Have a blessed day! I'm sharing on my fb page

  2. I agree that I lose sight over and over again. It is a constant struggle. As my son finally falls to sleep, I look at him and realize that he is nothing short of God' teaching to me... more patience, humility, forgiveness, understanding, and unconditional love... one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time... he struggles so much every day and requires so much more these ays as I try to age gracefully, but end up being as graceful as an elephant to my son who still teaches me to wait... to listen to his communication - not the form that I understand or want it to be, I need to decipher, and patiently approach each day as new...never like the day before - even though signs are there - pain, non-verbal, lack of understanding our language or our world...each day is different. I pray silently for a miracle - but continue on to try and learn in greater depth what he is teaching me through the eyes of God...


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