Orange Sweater Neck Warmer

Well, believe or not, I've come to the end of my yard sale find. That's right, I have used every last piece of the sweater to make 8 different projects. I've shared seven with you already and today your going to see how I made this Orange Sweater Neck Warmer. Remember last week when I asked you this question?

Well,  I used my last big piece of sweater odd shaped one at that... and a couple of scraps for the small rosettes to make this neck warmer/cowl/muffler/sweater collar...I wasn't quite sure what to call it, but went with what made the most sense. ;-)
With the help of my SIL, who was in town a couple of weekends ago, my idea for this neck warmer was brought to fruition. I kind of knew what I wanted to do, but she helped me solidify the concept. Thanks, Donna. She also helped me decide on a color to do the blanket stitch trim.

I took the odd shaped piece (which was actually from the shoulder of the sweater), trimmed it up a bit and made a little decorative trim on it.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have used a wavy yarn to do the blanket stitch all the way around.

Once I go started, though, I couldn't stop myself. I love the navy yarn with the orange sweater color combination and I think the wavy lines might give it a bit more personality.

After the main piece was trimmed out, I set to making a couple of rosettes from the little scraps I had. I hand-stitched the bottom of the rosettes to hold them together and then sewed them to the neck warmer.
I finished it off with a little square of Velcro to fasten around the neck.
It really is the perfect size to take the edge off of a brisk fall breeze. Come to think of it, it might just be the perfect thing to cut the chill from winter weather too.
Yikes! Christmas is only 10 weeks away! I better get busy if I'm going to be making any more of these!

My almost-10-year-old thought it was a pretty cute accessory too. I'm thinking I may have to share mine with her. We're already sharing shoes, what's one more thing? Thanks for stopping by today! I sure hope you've enjoyed the Orange Sweater Projects as much as I have. If nothing else, I hope they have sparked your creativity and shown you how to repurpose old sweaters into unique crafts and accessories. Did you miss any of the other projects? Which was your favorite?

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  1. Hi Nici, there you go again with being so creative and making this beautiful neck warmer! You save so much time making the scarf this way! I love it! I'm so busy crocheting mine that I should try this easy method. Thanks for sharing it on love bakes good cakes. Have a great day.
    Julie from

  2. Hi Nici, PS I am now following you on Bloglovin and hopefully you will want to follow me back too. I love your work!
    Julie from

  3. Such a cute little neck warmer! I'm impressed at how many things you made out of one sweater!! Great work!

  4. OMGosh! Every time I see a post with that orange sweater I think, "man! that sweater must be huge! She is really getting some mileage out of that!!!!!" I really have to admire your cleverness at coming up with so many different ideas! I have enjoyed seeing each and every one of them and like them all!!!! Good work! Now that the sweater is finally gone, with the exception of a few threads, what will you work on now? hahahaha! Trisha

  5. Wow! Eight different pretty projects from one yard sale find! Great job Nici and thanks for linking this post up to the SWLP.


  6. Awesome project! Love it Nici! Love the orange on you!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  7. What a creative idea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I cannot believe that you are still making things from that jumper! Amazing!!!

  9. That is so fun! I cannot believe how creative you were with that orange sweater!

  10. That is awesome! I loved all of your sweater projects!


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