Food for the Soul ~ Romans 8:37

A couple of days ago, I shared my word of the year...Thrive. In keeping with this over-arching theme of 2014, I wanted to start off with this verse from Romans. It speaks to the truth of thriving in the midst of poor circumstances, of hard times. We cling to our lifeline, Jesus, but we forget that we are empowered by Him to live victoriously. He came that we might live life to the full, an abundant life. His work on the cross was not so that we would merely survive this earthly life to one day go to heaven. We are to grow and thrive and stretch ourselves, especially when it's hard, to become more like Christ. He did not merely survive life here. Did He not make the most of every opportunity He had while he walked the earth to touch lives and give hope to a hurting world?

It is my prayer that 2014 would be the year that we all start thriving in midst of crazy schedules, in the trenches of motherhood and in the face of adversity. Throwing off all that hinders us (namely past mistakes and failures), and reaching for the Son who strengthens us and cheers us on to the victorious life that He has already paid for! In 2014, may you be filled with joy, courage and hope and may you thrive no matter the circumstances!


  1. This verse never fails to provide me with joy and hope. I love your word of the year. Today on DTA I shared "The year of the open door". It's so exciting!

  2. Very nice and a great reminder that we already have what we truly need.
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