Food for the Soul ~ James 1:22

We've been talking about true spiritual growth in church lately. Last night in our small group, we attempted to delve into the topic even more. What is it to grow spiritually?
I think the book of James is pretty clear about the topic. We can't just sit back and listen to the word, simply hearing and agreeing with the commandments to "love one another" and the calls to "go and make disciples of all nations". We need to take action...demonstrating love to others by serving them without expecting anything in return. We shouldn't just read the Bible to check it off our To-Do list, we need to be transformed by it. That often requires us to step out in faith...maybe serving in position where we feel completely inadequate or going on a short-term mission trip. Perhaps it is as close to home as loving our family members when they are being unlovely. Closer still, taking a look at those "acceptable sins" we've allowed ourselves to fall into such as ungratefulness and self-sufficiency, and asking God to step into these situations with us, showing us His way.

I feel like I should plaster James' words on my forehead, or at least all over the walls. How about you? Is there an area where you are struggling with putting action to the Word? For me, it's all of the above and more.

Praying that we all will have the courage and conviction to put action to our faith. Have a wonderful week!


  1. This is such a great post. I agree with you on every point. I used to think that having faith in Jesus Christ was enough. But then I learned on my mission that true faith results in action. If you have faith in Jesus Christ then it means you love him and serve him. If you love him, you are shaken to know He died for your (my) sins in such a horrible death. All He asks is repentance. The meaning of repentance in Greek (I believe) means to turn back. He wants us to turn back to Him and keep his commandments. I think about true faith every day and my inner thoughts remind me that I must act to serve, not just say I believe. Now today I must do my "visit teaching." I and my companion visit three ladies in my church area and give them a short message and ask about their lives. This is such a sweet time to encourage them and let them know we're there for them. But I should have done this for February before today but I let other things take away the opportunity. Thanks for your timely post to not just believe but to do. Diana Neves

  2. My husband and I just joined a small group a couple months ago. It's been a very good thing for us. That verse is one my husband and I could work on bettering in some aspects of our lives.


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