The Early Bird, the Sleepy Head and Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfasts

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Well, it's Monday morning. Just about the time I recover from the week before, it's time to start the saga of the Early Bird and the Sleepy Head again. Although I know I should get up early and fix a nice breakfast before we start our day, I just don't do it often enough. (Probably because my kids wake up close to 2 hours apart.) Unfortunately, that means that the kiddos usually grab a bowl of cereal for, what is considered by many, the most important meal of the day. Mom fail! I later see the ramifications of this habitual error of mine. One kid (the Early Bird) needs a snack at 9:30am (while I'm in the middle of reading to them about something fascinating in our Botany studies) and the other (Sleepy Head) can't seem to stay focused on what's in front of him. Clearly, we need a little adjustment in how we do breakfast around here on the mornings that I am not whipping up a big spread. Enter the Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfasts.
Before we start our homeschool day, I am usually putting a load of laundry in, emptying the dishwasher, or checking emails. Although my kids are old enough to get something to eat on their own, they most often take the path of least resistance...a bowl of cereal. Hello! We always have 8-10's the late night snack of choice around here. (Seinfeld has nothing on us...remember his cereal obsession?)

Recently, however, I bought some Jimmy Dean Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits at Wal-Mart to throw in the morning meal mix. Early Bird and Sleepy Head are able to follow the directions on the box to heat the sandwiches on their own wake-up schedule, while I'm taking care of my morning duties. This allows us to get school started at a reasonable hour, so that we can get the toughest subjects out of the way before lunchtime.

Early Bird likes to eat first thing in the morning, while Sleepy Head will snooze until I drag him out of bed and then wait until right before we are going to start doing school to fill up a bowl of cereal. Now they can both have a hot, delicious meal to start the day. The protein helps keep the kiddos full a little longer and the attention on their studies, instead of their growling bellies.

I plan on having the Jimmy Dean Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits at the ready for our soccer and baseball seasons which will be in full swing in just a couple of weeks too. I hate sending them off to an early morning tournament with just a couple of cereal bars in their bellies, or worse...having to stop off at a fast food restaurant for an over-priced breakfast sandwich.
By having these delicious and quick Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfasts in the freezer, the Early Bird and the Sleepy Head will both be able to have productive, energy-filled mornings with minimal distractions, especially by the rumbling tummies. Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfasts are available at your local Wal-Mart. For more quick and easy breakfast options, visit the Jimmy Dean website,  Facebook or even their Pinterest boards!

So tell me, do you have both Sleepy Heads and Early Birds in your house? How do you do hot breakfasts for both? What's your favorite Jimmy Dean Breakfast Meal?

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