A Little Spring Break

Hi Friends! Spring is definitely in the air around here. With temperatures getting into the low 80s and sunshine abundant, I've decided to take a little Spring Break.
Sadly, I won't be going anywhere special, but I am catching up on some much needed friend time. Yesterday, the kids and I spent the day with a dear friend and her kiddos. I can't tell you how refreshed I felt after chatting about everything under the sun with my friend, Christe. Our conversation is much like a popcorn popper, jumping from one topic to the next and sometimes back again. Today, I'll be spending a few hours with an old friend of mine from junior high and her kiddos. We get together a couple of times a year and just jump right back in where we left off. I expect more great conversations with Zann and a fun trip down memory lane too.
Besides the chat sessions this week, I'm also hoping to get some paperwork done and maybe a few projects too. Above all else, I think I was just ready to be recharged. I don't know about you, but I have been suffering in the inspiration department. Or, maybe it's just the execution of the inspirations I do have. Regardless, I've been in a bit of a slump. 
Sometimes, I think it just requires taking a step back to gain some perspective and a fresh outlook. I'm hoping a few days off from schooling the kids and trying to do blog stuff will fan into flame the creative spark again. Ideally, I would love to go visit the Dallas Arboretum again too. These pics were taken when we went 4 years ago on a field trip just after the Dallas Blooms Festival. Perhaps, I need to spend some time in a gorgeous flower garden like this to be inspired by the One who created all things beautifully. What do you do when you feel creatively stifled? I'd love to know how you get your crafting groove back.
I will still be hosting the All Things Thursday Blog Hop tomorrow night, so I do hope you'll join us to share what you've been working on. I hope you have a wonderful week and that you are able to be inspired by the beauty of the season.


  1. Are you in Texas? I'm east of Dallas. Not a native but I married one. Anyways always enjoy your posts and the sunshine was much needed for this girl. Great pictures and I love the Dallas Arboretum - many photographers here do photo shoots there, great props. Hope you find some inspiration - I'm hoping to do the same. -Carole

  2. I hope you enjoy your mini Spring Break - so fun to meet up with dear friends. Please tell Zann "Hi" from us. xx

  3. I'm jealous! We tried to go yesterday but it was so crowded we decided to pass. I'm going to try again next week when spring break is over. Y'all enjoy your week. :)

  4. I love Dallas Blooms!!! Everyone should experience it.


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