Litter Genie Works Magic in our House

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Pets. We love having them in our families. They bring us so much joy, love, companionship, extra chores, odors....Oops, did I say that? Yes, no matter what the animal is that you share an abode with, there will be extra chores and odors. We have had dogs, cats and hamsters (not all at the same time) in our family and each one has had its set of challenges. With dogs, you deal with them chewing up your valuables (or getting into your trash) and picking up their "presents" in the back yard. Hamsters, well, they have stinky cages that need to be cleaned. Cats, unless they are permitted outside, come with the dreaded litter boxes and the odors that go along with them. However, I believe there is now a way to even diminish that! The Litter Genie has worked magic in our house.
Litter Genie
We have yet to find a great place to put the litter box. We have a very small laundry room and we don't want the cat's potty in our living spaces either. So, for now, it resides in our guest bathroom upstairs. I shared before how I made a "Clevercat" Litter Box Knock Off to keep the dog from getting into it and to help keep the litter inside the box. Unfortunately, the old adage "out of sight, out of mind" has rung true in our house...that is, until the smell hits us.
Fact 1. No One likes to clean the litter box, so they procrastinate until it is beyond noxious.
Fact 2. It is not convenient to hunt down a plastic grocery bag to scoop the poop everyday.
Fact 3. Once the responsible party has scooped the litter box, he/she now has to tie up the bag and carry the waste out to the garbage can in the garage.
Using the Litter Genie
Quite frankly, it just doesn't get done often enough. One might argue that this is just a case of laziness (and you would be mostly right). The bottom line is that if a chore is easy to do and less time consuming, it will most likely get done. Plus, it leaves more time for snuggling and playing with your little fur babies.
When we first got Oliver (our kitty we had over the summer), I had seen the Litter Genie and even contemplated buying one. However, I didn't really see the need as our little guy was so small and cute and not even very stinky. Well, when we got our big boy, Taz, a couple of months ago, I noticed that he filled up the litter box a lot quicker. It was also quite a bit more stinky. We needed something to take the hassle out of cleaning the litter box so frequently and something that would help with the odor.
Using the Litter Genie
The Litter Genie is a litter waste disposal system that works even better than it's predecessor that we used for our kids' diapers. After it's all set up (which takes just a couple of minutes), simply scoop the waste with the included scooper into the top of the Litter Genie, pull the gray lever to drop the waste into the bottom bagged chamber, and release to seal off the offensive waste. After a week or two, you can cut the bag and tie it off to dispose of in the garbage. Pull out a new length of bag, tie a knot and start scooping again.

Taking the kitty's waste to the garbage can now be a weekly chore instead of a daily one. Since the scooping part is not that difficult, it can be done as often as one of the kiddos goes into the restroom, or when I remind them. ;-)
Litter Genie
The Litter Genie really does help with the problem of kitty odors and it makes the undesirable chore more tolerable. We bought our Litter Genie at Target with this $3.00 off coupon. With the amount of time and hassle this product has saved, not to mention our olfactory bulbs, I would buy this even without the coupon. It is that good. But, by all means, grab that coupon and run over to Target to get your own. It is money well spent.

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