Ch...Ch..Ch..Changes....A New Blog Design

Well, I guess you can kind of see what kind of changes have been going on around here. Yep, I finally made some changes to the blog.... a brand-spankin' new blog design...with a lot of help ;-)

For quite some time, I've been wanting to do something different with the blog, but didn't really know where to start and how much money to budget for it. Then, I won a giveaway for a free header on The Dedicated House after she had had her blog design revamped by the talented Rebekah of Rebekah Louise Designs. I just knew that winning the header giveaway was the push I needed to change things up. So, I contacted Rebekah and asked her to do a complete makeover on my blog, since she was already going to be doing the header.
I literally gave her these two pictures I had pinned, said I wanted some script and printing in the header and she went to town. Her first two designs were close to what I was wanting. Then, I just told her what I liked about the two designs and she changed it up to the header you see today.
Next, she said she needed a new profile picture and my "about me" blurb. This was the most painful part of the process because of my indecisiveness, and it's hard for me to get a picture of myself that I like well enough to put it out on the world wide web. So, I enlisted the help of my kids to take some pictures of me on Easter. Of course, I took a little time to "ham" it up.
Just to show you how badly I needed this update to the blog, here are the before screenshots...pretty sad.
After a whole bunch of emails back and forth (mostly due to my indecisiveness), she has come up with this beautiful design. I am absolutely thrilled and feel just like when you leave the beauty shop with a brand new hairstyle after feeling frumpy for a long time. Tell me I'm not the only one who waits too long between hair appointments ;-) Which reminds me, I need to call my hairdresser today!

Rebekah took my jumbled up thoughts and turned them into something beautiful. I am so grateful! If you're in need of a blog makeover, I highly recommend her. She was a breeze to work with and was so supportive throughout the whole process. Thank you, Rebekah!

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  1. You are such a cutie and I love the new design! So bright and colorful.


  2. I love your new blog design and your cute face!! It really looks good Nici, you and Rebekah make a great team! You go girl!! xx

  3. Your new design looks wonderful. So fun and cheery. :-)

  4. I realty like your picture. You are so cute. I am excited for your new look.

  5. I really like your new design and your pictures are darling.

  6. Looks great - Love all the color -Carole

  7. I'm loving the new design and the pictures are too fun!

  8. Everything looks great but my favorite part is the fun new pics of you!

  9. Wow, Nici, it looks fantastic! I love everything and the whole design is just so you. Bravo!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  10. Love your new design, Nici! And the pic is absolutely stunning! Looks like you've gotten "younger looking" in the new one if that's possible. You are a real cutie!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design! It's looks so great!!!!

  12. I love it Nici, it looks awesome!!


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