Food for the Soul ~ Psalm 90:14

As part of our Bible time in school, we are reading through the bible from the beginning...reading two chapters from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament each day. What struck me this week, as we are in Deuteronomy, was the Lord's need to remind the Israelites (through Moses) all He had done for them, as they continued to stray and turn their backs from them. If they would have just found ways to thank Him for all He had done instead of complaining and whining about how things weren't the way they wanted them to be, their lives would have been overflowing with joy and things might have gone better for them. Ann Voskamp of One Thousand Gifts fame, has found the key to joy...listing daily the gifts that the Lord has graciously given her...the size of the gift doesn't matter...from the smell of bread baking in the oven to someone being healed from a crippling disease. She has found that by listing the gifts or graces, her heart becomes even more thankful and her life becomes more joyful. Oh, that I would just be satisfied with the unfailing love of Jesus!

"Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days."
Psalm 90:14
So, in the spirit of listing gifts, I thought I'd just share what's been a pretty good week around here:

~  Our Wednesday Women of Grace group with 4th grade girls went well, with most of the girls participating in the bible lesson and being more respectful to us leaders and to each other. (This is saying a lot. We want to reach these girls' hearts for Jesus so badly and some weeks it's just plain hard.)
~  This weekend my daughter's soccer team finished up their season with a win, and then we celebrated with an end-of-season party.
~  Another exciting thing happened too. My son, who has been flying r/c planes for fun for a couple of years, entered a competition this weekend and won 1st place in his class. Although he was nervous and quite frankly, scared to wreck a plane again (it really shook him up the first time it happened), he pushed through the fear of failure and succeeded. Despite being the youngest out at the airfield by a long shot, he stood tall and got it done.
~  Finally, my new blog design, which I love, was finalized and installed this week. It was long overdue and I'm so glad to have it finished. It feels like getting a new hairstyle that makes you look 10 years younger ;-)

So, it's been one of those weeks where you get to the end of it and take a deep breath in and breathe out praise to the Father who gives us good gifts. Of course, things don't have to go our way for the gifts from God to be good, but it sure helps sometimes. Tell me something good from your week!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Your bloggy friendship is a gift to me!
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