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Mother's Day is just over a week away. A walk through just about any store will give you ideas of things to get mom, or ideas for you to subtly hint to your family about what you would like. Oh, there are gadgets aplenty to choose from... iPads, iPhones, or even the latest craft cutting machines. While those are all neat things, what I think about when I ponder the role of mothers is beauty, in particular sweet sweet smells and pretty flowers. This Mother's Day euphoria Calvin Klein and Macy's are partnering to give you both.
euphoria Calvin Klein and orchid
I first purchased euphoria back in 2006 and immediately made it my "signature scent". It is difficult for me to find a scent that I love and that my husband can tolerate (He's kind of "scent-sitive," if you know what I mean). euphoria was one that we both liked. I used it a lot in the early days, purchasing a new bottle every year or so, but eventually stopped using perfume all together. Why? Well, I let life just take over. After the newness of the scent wore off, I started just using it when we went out to dinner or to church. Eventually, with the hectic pace of life, I started skipping wearing perfume all together. Instead, I just went with the "hey-at-least-I-showered-today" attitude.
Mother's Day Makeover
Now that my daughter is growing up and is really into giving makeovers and smelling nice, I have to say it starting to wear off on me too. I have found myself wishing I had something nice to spray on me too.  When offered the opportunity to review euphoria, you should have seen me jumping up and down waving my hands in the air. Yes! I know that perfume! I love that perfume! (Pardon the movie reference here, but it was kind of like Buddy the Elf when he heard that Santa was coming to the department store. I was that excited.) When I received my bottle, I quickly opened it up and sprayed some on my arm, drinking in the familiar scent. Yep. I still love it. Although I haven't worn it in a few years, my son took a whiff and said he remembered when I used to wear it.
euphoria Calvin Klein and orchid
Calvin Klein describes euphoria like this, "Mysterious. Provocative. Exciting. The fantasy and surprise of the black orchid creates a captivating oriental fragrance that contrasts exotic fruits, seductive floras and a rich, creamy signature." The bottle "has curved contours, luxurious textures- a statement in sophistication." I just say euphoria makes me smell and feel pretty. That is a big deal for any momma.
euphoria Calvin Klein and orchid
Right now through May 11th, you can receive a complimentary gift card for a gorgeous potted orchid with every large spray euphoria fragrance purchase at Macy's, to be redeemed either by phone or online. If you are fortunate enough to live near one of their flagship stores, you may be able to take home a beautiful orchid with your purchase. There are several to choose from in the D/FW area like The Parks Mall in Arlington or the Dallas Galleria.
White orchid
I am thrilled to have euphoria back in my life. Not only does it smell just lovely, it makes me feel pretty whether I'm in my everyday "baseball mom" gear or dressed up for church. So, now that I have some euphoria already, what am I hoping to get for Mother's Day besides sweet hugs from my family?
Potted Flowers for Mother's Day
More flowers...I already told my daughter I'd love to have some new flowers planted in my pots out on the front porch. I haven't gotten to that yet, and I really miss seeing the pretty blooms when we walk up to the front door. Like I said earlier, sweet smells and beauty...What kinds of hints are you dropping for Mother's Day? I know of a pretty smelling perfume...
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