Marinated Flank Steak ~ A Family Favorite

School is winding down for most folks in the country and the signal for summertime celebrations is coming up soon! That's right, Memorial Day is just around the corner. Have you planned out your menu yet? I thought I'd share one of our absolute favorite grilled meat recipes with you today...Marinated Flank Steak...just in case you wanted to go get your best cuts of meat before the crowd gets them first ;-)
Marinated Flank Steak
Here's what you need: flank steaks, soy sauce, honey, white vinegar, green onions, garlic powder, ginger and vegetable oil.
Marinated Flank Steak on the Grill
Start by trimming your flank steaks of any visible grizzle or fat, then poke several times with a fork.  In a sealable container, combine all the ingredients except the flank steak. Add in the steak and turn it over in the marinade until it is all covered. Place lid on container and refrigerate for 4-5 hours, poking steaks and flipping periodically. After it has marinated for several hours, place the steaks on a preheated grill. (High heat for first couple of minutes to sear the meat...then reduce heat to medium.)
Marinated Flank Steak on the Grill
Depending on how you like your meat cooked, continue grilling for 10-15 minutes for rare (125 degrees), 15-19 minutes for medium (140 degrees), flipping once during the grill time. Cooking times include searing time. Use your meat thermometer for best results.
Marinated Flank Steak resting
Remove meat from heat and allow to "rest" for a couple of minutes. Move steak to a cutting board. Using a very sharp knife, or even an electric knife, thinly slice the flank steak against the grain.
Marinated Flank Steak Sliced Thin
Marinated Flank Steak

1-2 flank steaks
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 Tbsp. honey
2 Tbsp. white vinegar
2 chopped green onion
1 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 1/2 tsp. ground ginger
3/4 cup vegetable oil

Marinate flank steaks for 4 to 5 hours ahead. Poke steaks with fork and flip periodically. Place steaks on a preheated grill at high temperature and sear for a couple of minutes per side. Grill steaks for 10 to 20 minutes, flipping once.  (Rare 10-15 minutes; Medium 15-19 minutes). Remove from heat, allow to rest for a few minutes. Thinly slice against the grain.
Marinated Flank Steak with Potatoes, Corn and Green Beans
This Marinated Flank Steak is one of the most requested meals from my family, but I like to reserve it for somewhat special occasions. We had it for Easter this year, along with Pan Fried Green Beans, Sweet Corn and Make Ahead Cheesy Mashed Potatoes. This Marinated Flank Steak is another one of the great recipes given to me by my SIL. She's a keeper!

So, what's on your Memorial Day Menu? Are you hosting a big shin-dig or going over to spend the day with family and friends?
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  1. I love working with flank steak. This looks fantastic!

  2. I often buy flank steak when it's on sale and have not ventured beyond the crock pot with it. This looks like a great recipe to try for a fresh flavor.

  3. My aunt used to make flank steak and it is one of my favorite meals! This looks so good--I'm pinning this and hoping to try it soon!

  4. Oh this looks delicious. Thanks tons for the recipe and thanks for linking to Inspire Me.

  5. oh my this looks so yummy what a delicious piece of meat and wow look at that sweet cupcake
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