10 Family Dinners That Start with Ground Beef

So, we've all done it. We've gone to the big box store and loaded up on all the necessities ~ paper products, frozen vegetables, canned goods, 18-packs of gum, contact solution, chicken breasts and a 6- lb package of ground beef. I almost forgot the big bag of caramel and cheese popcorn! Anyway, you get home, put everything away only to face the gigantic package of beef. If you have a large family or a big group coming over for dinner, you might set right to work cooking up recipes for tacos or making up some hamburger patties. But, what if it's just you and your small family of 4? What then? You need an action plan and a bunch of family-friendly beef recipes!
10 Family Friendly Ground Beef Recipes

I start off by separating out the package into 1-lb sections. You could eyeball it, but I usually pull out my little kitchen scale. Most of the time, I will put 4 pounds of beef in individual quart-size freezer baggies inside a larger freezer bag, and (you guessed it) put it in the freezer. Now I only have to pull out one pound at a time when I'm ready to add it to recipes.

10 Family Friendly Ground Beef Recipes

I will also cook up about 2 pounds of the meat with seasoning and chopped onions. One pound gets put into a recipe right away and the other cools until it can be packaged and put in the freezer for a quick meal. Now that it's all prepared, I am free to make whatever recipe I want from it. Spaghetti with meat sauce and hamburgers are great, but sometimes you need a little variety. Here are 10 Family Dinners That Start with Ground Beef.

Souped Up Stroganoff

Souped up Stroganoff is definitely a favorite around here. Golden Mushroom soup is the star of the show in this dish. My family loves this, even though none of them likes mushrooms ;-)

PW's Comfort Meatballs

You can never go wrong with a Pioneer Woman recipe! These PW Comfort Meatballs are requested all the time in my house. Tangy and delicious, they even make mashed potatoes taste better! (As if that were possible ;-))

Vegetable Beef Soup

When the temperature dips a little bit, it puts me in the mood for soup. Vegetable Beef Soup is a snap to put together and warms the tummy like nobody's business.

Hamburger Potato Casserole

This humble Hamburger Potato Casserole is anything but boring. It started as an experiment to recreate a childhood favorite (of the Hamburger Helper variety) and has firmly planted itself into one of my most requested recipes by my family and one of the most frequently viewed here on the blog.

Saucy Meatballs

Saucy Meatballs are great alternative for when you want something besides Spaghetti and Meatballs. Sometimes, I will make a couple of batches of meatballs to keep in the freezer to be able to pull together a quick meal like this one.

Green Chile Pasta

With just a few pantry items, this Green Chile Pasta will fill their bellies in style. I don't often mix "nationalities" when I'm cooking, but the Italian pasta mixed with Mexican spices works together wonderfully.

Dinner in a Pumpkin

With Fall around the corner, it's never to early to start thinking about fun Fall recipes. Dinner in a Pumpkin could become your Halloween tradition before trick-or-treating.

Everyone's Favorite Sloppy Joes

Everyone's Favorite Sloppy Joes are just that. They make an appearance at least once a month around here and are requested by my husband no less than once a week. Tangy and scrumptious, they are an easy way to feed a crowd, if you double the recipe.

Stuffed Pepper Skillet Casserole

I love the taste of stuffed peppers, but I'm pretty sure the pepper would be wasted if I attempted to serve them to my family. However, the veggies get devoured in this Stuffed Pepper Skillet Casserole. If you chop up the peppers fine enough, the kiddos might not even notice them. ;-)

Walking Tacos...or Taco Salad in a Bag

Last but not least, Walking Tacos...or Taco Salad in a Bag make for a great summertime meal. You just can't go wrong with the cheesy tortilla chips mixed in with the cool salad and taco meat. In fact, we had it just last night!

So, there you have it! You should no longer stand in your kitchen staring at a 6 lb package of ground beef with a glazed-over look. You've got plan of attack and a pile of recipes! These meals are all family-approved and easy to make...many times using staples you'll find in your pantry. What's your favorite dish to make with ground beef?
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  4. What a great list of ideas. I'm always open to new ways to use ground beef. I can't wait to give those Saucy Meatballs or Hamburger Potato Casserole a try. I'm getting hungry…
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  7. These are wonderful ideas! We always have SO MUCH ground beef and are always looking for new ground beef recipes. I'm pinning this so I can come back to the Pioneer Woman meatballs and the beef stroganoff recipes! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

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