Food for the Soul ~ Hebrews 1:3

Have you ever looked at a cluster of Queen Anne's Lace flowers? Each "bloom" is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers all held together by a network of life-giving stems. In fact, each of the hundred or so blooms in a starburst pattern off the main stem produces more blooms, which produce more blooms and so on. Each little flower is a tiny representative of the larger bloom. The minuscule flowers reflect the larger flowers overall form. (I went looking for information about this beautiful flower and found it here.)

This makes me think of the body of Christ. If we picture Christ as main flower in this scenario, we are the tiny flowers that together make up the body of Christ, the Church. Jesus is the embodiment of the "radiance of God's glory." If we are "in Christ", then we, too, should reflect the glory of God.

Food for the Soul- Hebrews 1:3- Queen Anne's Lace

What a powerful reminder of just who Jesus really is...."the exact representation of (God's) being"! Amazing! And, since that is the case, should we not, as the body of Christ, be good representatives too? Let's go be the hands and feet of Jesus this week! Wishing you a wonderful week, friends!
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