Food for the Soul ~ Hebrews 12:1

Have you ever had a dream where you were being pursued by an unsavory character and no matter how fast you tried to run it felt like your legs were made of lead? Being entangled by sin in our lives is a lot like that dream. Only in our real "awake" lives, we have the choice to throw off those things that cause us to be slow or not reach the goals we have set for ourselves. What about the race that the Lord has marked out for us? Perhaps it is different than the path we find ourselves going down right now. Perhaps we've taken detours and need to find our way back to the path marked out for us.

It's difficult to reach our maximum potential, to fulfill our purpose, when we are clinging to the wrong things...the things that lead us away from path set before us. Perhaps what is holding us back from running with perseverance is that we are trying to run someone else's race... Friends, I find myself comparing my housekeeping, my marriage,  raising my kids, and even running this blog to that of others all the time. It's as if I'm trying to run someone else's race, with 10 lb. ankle weights strapped to me. These are detrimental attitudes that I need to get rid of. I've heard it said not to compare our beginning to someone else's middle... that's good advice.

My prayer this week is that we would all look to the Lord, asking Him to put us on the path and guide us to the finish line of the race He has marked out for us individually. I pray that we will all throw off the hindrances that are holding us back from the abundant life that Jesus promises us. And I pray that we will all have the perseverance to finish strong!

What's holding you back? Do you have some attitudes that need to be thrown off so you can run faster too?

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