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Hi Friends! Happy Sunday to you, or happy day...if you're reading this during the week ;-) I'm so glad you're here for a visit. The kids and I have been reading through some of Paul's letters in the New Testament, and I came across this Galatians 5:1 verse recently.

Although I am a Christ follower, I see how easily I allow myself to burdened by the "yoke of slavery" once again. This slavery amounts to unhealthy comparisons from the way my home looks, to the subjects in school I am teaching my kids, even to how my kids should behave or how "romantic" my husband should be. Friends, these comparisons are downright toxic. Of course, we should hold to a certain standard. But, should that be what we see in the glossy pages of magazines or the scrubbed and polished blog posts?  What if we held ourselves in our trouble areas to the standard that God's Word puts out for us, rather than what we are bombarded with each and everyday? Just something I've been thinking about... Are there areas of your life that you have allowed yourself to be enslaved to? Will you join me in laying them down before the Cross? Let us live with the freedom that was purchased at a very high price!

Have a wonderful week!
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