Road Trip to Arizona ~ Part 1

Hi Friends! Hope you've had a great weekend! We took it easy and hung around the house for the most part...I was trying to put the finishing touches on this year's curriculum for the kiddos before we jump into it this week. I'll be real honest here...I have done absolutely nothing in terms of decorating for the fall season. I am feeling really far behind, but somehow I know there are many of you who can relate. So, until I can get some projects done around here, I thought I'd share about our Road Trip to Arizona ~ Part 1.

We started our journey with the kids sharing the backseat with our pooch, Scamp. We dropped him off to spend the week in Lubbock with my parents and their cute pup, Desdi.

After spending the night in Lubbock, we journeyed through New Mexico on our usual route...Santa Rosa...Albuquerque...Arizona, stopping only when necessary for gas and potty breaks.

This time, however, we actually lingered awhile in Santa Rosa at the Route 66 Auto Museum.

My kiddos were in "little piggy heaven" amongst all the classic cars and Corvettes. They even commandeered my phone to snap a bunch of pictures. Believe me, there are at least 20 on my phone.

After a short while, it was time to hit the road again.

After Albuquerque we detoured from our traditional route again to spend the night in Pinetop, AZ with family. This took us through some beautiful country...not at all what I'd expected to find in western New Mexico and Arizona in mid-August.

We stayed at my SIL's cabin for the night where she introduced my daughter to the fine art of eating raw cookie dough. (not that she didn't already have some inkling of it's magical powers)

After a wonderful breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked out on the grill by my BIL, we took off down the hill to spend the weekend with my father-in-law an hour closer to Phoenix. Here, the kids rode my FIL's ATV through the park where he has a small "cabin", and also did a little exploring in the forest behind his property.

They also had some fun on his mobility scooter. My son loved riding it throughout the park waving to all the neighbors. I'm sure if my FIL would have had both of his scooters up at his cabin the kids would have wanted to have races.

We played some rounds of pool in the clubhouse, until the kids got busted for breaking the age rules. Oops. In all the years we've gone up to visit my FIL, it was never an issue as long as adults were in the room. I guess some people just don't have anything better to do than squelch the fun of youth. This picture is of my FIL, giving pointers on the game of pool...before they were busted. See the small sign above his head on the door? That's where it says that they have to be 16 to play. :-(

One of my favorite things to do up in the mountains of Arizona is to watch the afternoon thunderstorms roll in during monsoon season.

My mini-me and I watched it rain from the front porch. I love the smell of the fresh rain as it hits the high desert.

After lunch on Monday of that week, we headed down from the Mogollion Rim into the Valley of the Sun. Parts of the drive looked "other worldly". The kids kept remarking how beautiful it was. I guess all those years we lived there I just took it for granted.

Stay tuned to see some fun places we visited while in the Phoenix area... a couple of favorite restaurants and a new-to-me boutique, which just happens to be an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist.
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  1. I'm so glad you had such a good time, Nici! I hope you made it to the Sugar Bowl!

  2. Fun pictures of the family, so glad you were able to make it out to AZ to visit family and friends. Also love the pictures of the beautiful countryside, the mountains and the valleys. Great trip!

  3. Your trip looks wonderful, Nici!
    Love seeing the stormy clouds :0) There's nothing like the smell of fresh rain when you're out in the country, or up in the mountains.
    Safe travels!

  4. looks like a fun family trip Nici! Your kids are a great age for it!


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