Food for the Soul ~ II Chronicles 15:7

Hi Friends! I'm so pleased to see you here today. I don't know how your week was, but I found myself in a downward spiral for a good part of the time. This verse, II Chronicles 15:7, was what I clung to much of the week.

For some reason our school time was really difficult. It wasn't because of the work, but it was the interpersonal relationships. No matter what tactics we tried, the kids just couldn't seem to coexist in the same house without driving each other positively batty. Each day I knew that I couldn't throw in the towel with this homeschooling thing. We have been doing it since the beginning...7 years. This is what we believe we've been called to do. However, much like everyone else, there are days that just don't go well. Goodness, there are weeks that don't go well. I loved reading in God's Word that my work would be rewarded one day. Just being diligent, doing what you know you are to do, will reap benefits. We may not see them for some time, but we have hope. No matter what you are facing, be strong and don't give up!
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  1. Keep the good faith….hope this coming week will be a better one for you. xo


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