Healthy Habits Formed at Youth...

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Hi Friends! Hope your weekend was wonderful. We stayed pretty busy, as usual. Is it weird that I long for Mondays? It seems like things slow down when Monday morning rolls around, and I like that. We are able to get back on track with the good habits that we are trying to instill... like improving our bedtime and morning toothbrushing routines.

Recently, I read that forming new habits takes more than two months. Knowing that time is of the essence with helping my kids establish healthy habits, we have started working towards better oral hygiene habits. A few weeks ago I shared with you How We Kept Our Kids Cavity-Free Through Early Childhood and how I planned to improve upon our current toothbrushing routine.

We were sent some LISTERINE products to try out. Let me just say that LISTERINE HEALTHYWHITE Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Mouthrinse and HEALTHYWHITE Mint Floss have been my new besties in my nighttime routine. I love how clean my mouth feels right before bed, and I've even noticed that my breath doesn't seem to be horrendous in the morning anymore. 

I have not breathed right into any of my family members' faces to prove that point, but I can tell... and that in itself is a good thing. I've even started swishing the mouthrinse in the morning too. 

I am noticing a little difference in the color of my teeth also. They may have lightened up a bit, which makes me smile more! What's funny is that with my new "fresh" morning breath, I am now more sensitive to my kids' not-so-fresh morning breath. This revelation has led to more reminders about brushing their teeth in the morning too... as well as flossing. When all else fails, I suggest they grab the germ-killing LISTERINE POCKETPAK in my purse.

Brushing regularly, flossing a little bit and then giving me their best Master Shifu (Kungfu Panda) impersonation is all I'm getting from them right now, but I'm hoping with time flossing and rinsing will become more habitual. Although I haven't managed to change the kids' routines much, I have been more diligent with mine. We all know that good behaviors are caught more than taught, right? I'm hoping my perseverance (and gentle prodding) will inspire them to keep improving on what they are already doing. The same goes for:

  • Practicing thankfulness
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables with every meal
  • Getting more sleep
  • Exercising daily (they can help me with this one)
Aristotle said it best, "Good habits formed at youth make all the difference." I guess being a good role model and guiding them in starting heroic habits is the best thing I can do right now... that, and practicing my own Master Shifu look ;-)

Have you tried implementing LISTERINE products into your family's oral hygiene routine? They can be purchased here. LISTERINE wants to help you establish heroic habits in your family too. Check out their Youtube page featuring Healthy Habit Heroes!
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