Food for the Soul ~ Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Happy Sunday to you! I'm so pleased to have you visiting my little ol' blog today. We just finished off our fall baseball season with a very chilly tournament yesterday. While I'm glad the season is finally over... before it gets any colder and any more busy, I am sad that we won't be seeing many of the families on a regular basis for a while. I'm so thankful for the sweet friendships that have come out of my kiddos playing on sports teams. It makes the time spent shivering in the bleachers so much more enjoyable when you like the people you are surrounded with. I have been truly blessed by the people the Lord has put in my life over the years, both physically and virtually. Know that my heart smiles each time I think of you.

Celebrate the gift of friendship today! Perhaps it's your childhood friend, or college roommate, your sister or your spouse.  Whoever is in your life to sharpen you or comfort you, God has placed them there for a reason. Our earthly friendships are but a glimpse of the sweet fellowship we can have with Jesus. Have a wonderful week!
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