Food for the Soul ~ Hebrews 12:28

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. Ours has been a good one. Our daughter finished out the first half of her last soccer game of the season by scoring a goal. This was pretty exciting, as she has been playing soccer for 4 1/2 years and this was her 2nd goal in all that time. She typically plays defender, so doesn't get much action near the opponent's goal. The last couple of games, though, her coach has been moving the girls around a bit and has had her playing mid-field. Somehow, she found herself right near the goal when the ball came to her. There was no real time to think about where to shoot the ball, she just booted it over some defenders and the goalie right into the corner of the goal. They won the game putting them in 2nd place overall. We were so happy for our girl and her teammates who go out and play their hardest each week. What a great way to end the season! I feel certain they will all walk a little taller, knowing they gave it their all. We thank God for strong bodies, the grace to deal with defeat, as well as joy in the victories!

While these earthly victories feel sweet, it is but a glimpse of the joy we have in Jesus! Let us all go out and live victoriously this week, for the battle has already been won!
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  1. Congratulations to your daughter and her team! What happy times. I love how you ended your post. These sweet times of joy and victory - as wonderful as they are - are only a taste for those who are in Christ. How loving our Lord is though, who allows us such blessings in this life as well. How can we respond with anything but thankfulness and worship?
    Thank you for sharing.


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