Food for the Soul ~ Psalm 92:4-5

Hello, dear friends! I'm so happy to have you visiting today! Have you had a good weekend so far? Ours was rather dreary, weather wise. But, there's a silver lining to all the clouds... I was able to stay at home (no more ball games this season ~ Hallelujah!) and clean, organize, and rearrange things. Basically, I got to nest. I took the time to take care of the material things the Lord has blessed me with. 

I find that when we are running around, going from activity to activity and not spending much time at home on weekends, we tend to let our responsibilities fall by the wayside. I usually stay on top of the laundry, the dishes, and the cooking, but all the other clutter stuff just doesn't get taken care of and then it multiplies... exponentially. In the process of the clutter multiplication, my joy is zapped. I am no longer able to enjoy the things the Lord had graciously bestowed on me. I am no longer being a good steward of the things He has entrusted to me. 

This weekend I took steps to get things under control. With the holidays upon us, I don't want a disorganized, messy house to keep me from practicing sweet hospitality. I want to enjoy all the pretty decorations of the season without being stressed by the clutter. I want my home to reflect the beauty of the Lord.  Mostly, I want to strip everything away to get to the heart of this blessed season... Thankfulness and Christ.

Wishing you all a wonderful week! May you be filled with the joy of the Lord!
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