How to Make a Merry "Kissmas" Countdown

It's the start of the most wonderful time of year! I love getting ready for Christmas... the decorations, the baking, the party planning, the giving of gifts... all of it. One sweet way to build the anticipation of the big day with your kiddos is with an advent calendar. I've seen lots of cute ones online, but this Merry "Kissmas" Countdown has been a favorite with my kids for many years.  We have often used it in conjunction with scripture readings about the birth of Christ, to remind them that the sweetest gift ever given was Jesus.

This Merry "Kissmas" Countdown is a sweet way to number the days before Christmas!

I'll show you just how easy it is to make one for your family. Are you ready to start counting down to Christmas?

How to make a Merry "Kissmas" Countdown

Here's what you'll need: plastic wrap, Hershey's kisses (your kids' favorite flavors...have you tried the candy cane ones? YUM), some ribbon, and scissors.

How to make a Merry "Kissmas" Countdown

Start by spreading out 4-5 feet of plastic wrap. Count out 25 Kisses and space them out along the center of the long sheet of wrap.

How to make a Merry "Kissmas" Countdown

Next, fold the sides over to enclose the kisses.

How to make a Merry "Kissmas" Countdown

Cut about 26 four to five inch pieces of ribbon and start tying off in between the kisses.

How to make a Merry "Kissmas" Countdown

Create a hanger out of the ribbon and hang up in your designated spot. Now, wasn't that easy? Prepare to have your heart swell 2 sizes when you get to exchange a Hershey's Kiss for a kiss on the cheek from your kiddos each day. This is especially sweet when it comes from your big tweens.

It would be easy to add a meaningful activity to each day's Kiss. Simply make a list of scriptures to read and/or seasonal activities to do that coordinates with the day.  Do you do Advent Calendars in your family? How have you used the time before Christmas to build the excitement of celebrating the birth of Christ?

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