Food for the Soul ~ Isaiah 40:8

How often do we chase after the latest fad? Whether it's clothing, interior design, or the diet and beauty gurus... trends come and go. For those of us in the blogging world, the social media outlets tend to be the most fickle, don't they? Whatever method is working for Queen Blogsalot may work for awhile for you too. But before long, algorithms will change. You'll be chasing after the ever elusive magic bullet again. Much like the flowers of the field, whatever is in vogue now will surely be withered up and dried out soon. 

Whatever shifting seasons and in-between fads you find yourself in the middle of, know this... God's Word stands forever. His promises endure through generations and His statutes are a firm foundation that cannot be shaken. His faithfulness is never-ending and His love is limitless. When He says you are forgiven, He does not change His mind. How refreshing is that in this world of endless crazes and fickleness? There is One you can always count on! May your week be full of beauty and grace!
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  1. Thank you for this wonderful and uplifting post! It helped my spirits today! =)

  2. Such an important thought, Nici. Thanks for the reminder. I hope you have an amazing week as well!

  3. Thank you! That was a fantastic reminder and made my morning! Hope you have a great week.


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