Food for the Soul ~ Psalm 37:23-24

I had the opportunity to hear a wonderful message this week by a woman named Christine Caine. It was the last evening of a recorded session from a previous year's IF Gather. I was particularly moved by her description of the Israelites standing on the edge of the Promised Land... not wanting to go where the LORD had been leading them because of their fear. Their fear was greater than their faith. I wonder... how many of us that applies to also. (picture me with both hands raised) Christine said that some of us are "so scared of what will be that we hold onto what was", whether it was painful or joyful. Our Heavenly Father is "not the God of 'I was'... He is the God of 'I am'." He is with us right now... right in the middle of the mess and the broken hearts, right on the precipice of healing. God told Joshua to set his foot into the promised land... to be strong and courageous... I know He is telling us the same thing. Is there something you know you need to do, but have been stuck for fear of what will happen? Perhaps it's time to step out in faith!

Praying you have the kind of week where you know with all your heart that your steps are guided by our Loving Father. May you have boldness and faith to move forward through difficult circumstances, knowing that the LORD is holding your hand.

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